Balantastic DPS

UPDATED: 1/12/2020

Made a few changes at the request of friends using the macro. Now the macro auto uses Celestial Alignment and Barkskin as soon as they are ready.

As always, feed back is very welcome. Thanks.

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Balance rotation without auto target.

Due to the increased range of Balance Druids, I removed the auto target function from my macro to reduce accidental pulling during trash fights in raids and mythic+ dungeons. AOE is mostly built in due to so much of Balance druid spells having splash damage effects.
Starfall assigned to [Shift] mod @cursor, make sure your cursor is parked over targets.
Celestial Alignment and Barkskin are used automatically.

The level 30, 45, and 60 talents can be whatever you prefer, it won’t affect the macro.

Auto fire software, take your latency and add 100. This should work well if not close to your best speed. Feel free to tweak as necessary. I run mine at 175ms.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.25.


Thank you, does it includes a burst modifier maybe?
do you plan on AOE macro?

great macro… gives me dps then the other macros I’ve been using

Seems to be working good! Just need AOE version now.

Thank you for the comments! I don’t actually play a druid much myself, but i will start trying to work on an aoe macro to go along with this one.

My current favorite for Balance.

As of 6/11/2019, this macro seems to still be running strong. Haven’t come across any issues and everyone I know that is using it, says its still good. If anyone has been using the aoe macro at all, any feedback on it would be great.

Thank you.

how can i download the macro code…it is all leters and numbers…what do i have to do to make it work? pls help

Works very good for me. I use it in LFG and almost always in the top 2 for DPS.

Seems Starfall does not fire at all


I Love IT!!!
Do you have the prober talent build for it aswell?.
Hope we see more of you.

it wont work for me it used moonfire once when the target is far away then it waits for the target to get close and male it with default auto attack

Hi roktati.
Any change you have a talent build for this macro aswell?
And are we going to see new updates from you?.
Hope to see more of you mate.

Hey guys, after a bit of a break from the game due to life stuff, I’ve updated the macro. If anyone is still trying to use it or wants to give it another shot. Feedback is always welcome.

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