Bam™ - Blood DK Tank and Spank!


Hey Guys! Just anohter tank macro I’ve made for my DK. I’ve tanked some m+ with this with no issues.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for improvement :slight_smile:


Usage Information

Bam’s Blood DK Macro.

Covenant Venthyr - Covenant Ability is within the main sequence and can be removed if you do not play Venthyr.

This macro will aim to keep Bone Sheild stacks up, and use Marrorend as often as possible, along with Death Strike to increase mitigation. I have left out defensive cooldowns with a long CD timer as they are often situational when tanking.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.55.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Raise Dead

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Rune Strike, Raise Dead, Death and Decay, Marrowrend, Rune Tap, Bonestorm, Swarming Mist, Death Strike, Dancing Rune Weapon, Blood Boil

KeyRelease: Anti-Magic Shell, Rune Tap

Talents: 1221313



Can’t wait for a test run of this your macros make life so much easier

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Thank you mate. Let me know how the test run goes :slight_smile:

Hey what MS you running this?


Hey mate. I’m running this macro at 30ms

Used your macro in a timewalking so not sure how accurate everything is compared to that everything went very fluid like no hiccups on my end and I’m just a regular button masher…but in the end awesome macro man and can’t wait to see if you make any for any of the others


@Christopher_Mills thank you dude, glad it worked well for you. If you need any specific macros feel free to ask, I’ve got a fair few. Some are posted on here.

hello bam listen I wanted to know if you have a macro for hunter mm because those here on the forum do not work properly. and maybe also for current top class dudu balance thanks

Sub or sin rogue would be epic lol

I’ve always struggled to make a rogue or feral druid macro. Realistically the nature of the combo points system makes their rotation very situational. Yes, technically you can macro it - but as there’s no way for the macro to know how many combo points are up you’re never going to do very good DPS.

Hey @gamers - I don’t have a MM Hunter macro, as I’ve always preferred BM and found that the BM rotation works better with a macro than MM does. Having said that, I’m happy to give it a shot at making a MM macro. I’ll upload on here when it’s done.

look well I play hunter bm of main, although alas despite its simplicity I do not understand why the spells often skip.
barbed shot sometimes times out and it’s a huge dps loss for us hunters. unfortunately still the bm is little boosted oo many classes would need a nice buff in everything. I don’t know if it depends on the macro speed with which I press or I’m playing with Corsair software and I manually press the key at 100ms, but I have the feeling that it jumps often and I don’t understand what it could depend on.

Becuase Blizzard wants YOU as the player making those decisions on what buttons to press and NOT and Addon to decide them for you. Hence is why /castsquence is broken and has been broken by Blizzard for a long time now without them fixing it anytime soon.

ok I try to explain myself better then, I know that castsequence does not work as it should ok, but the problem is that the spells jump well without castsequence.
if I write in macro
/ cast barbed shot
/ cast kill command
/ cast cobra shot

so without any castsequence no one knows why the macro will sometimes tend to jump and mostly use cobra shot more than it should be used.

The choices are very, very simple: Either do a manual rotation or let GSE do them for you and go with whatever happens. If GSE performed perfect rotation(s) every single time then why would anyone use a manual rotation for anything?

Just use what we have in this great Addon developed by Timothy Luke, enjoy the game and deal with the outcome or play WoW as Blizzard first intended it to be: without any Addons before they released their API’s to be developed by Dev’s into Addons.

I’m gonna have fun no matter what Blizzard puts in or does. Sit back. Have a good time. Escape the real world problems by immersing yourself in Azeroth for a bit. Enjoy. The. Game. No matter how it’s intended to be played.

(Sorry for hijacking your thread @Bam. Keep on putting out solid macros, my man!)


Hey dude, just to clarify on the BM rotation. If you use:

/ cast barbed shot
/ cast kill command
/ cast cobra shot

Cobra shot will always proc more often, because there is no cool down on cobra shot. To get around this you need to add significantly more barbed shot and kill commands.

This would be better for example:

/ cast barbed shot
/ cast kill command
/ cast kill command
/ cast barbed shot
/ cast kill command
/ cast cobra shot
/ cast barbed shot
/ cast kill command
/ cast barbed shot

Have a look at my BM macro on the forum. It works well for me.

a ok I thought that putting the nquel way with priority would go to use a coldow always first barbed shot and kill command.
your example below tried it and it looks good you may need to add an extra cobra shot to make it even smoother but so it looks good already. for aoe instead what is better to use multiple shot with sol or cobra shot instead or?

Hey guys, this macro has now been updated for GSE3 please follow the link below for the updated version for all of my macros.