Bam™ - Havoc DH [GSE3] UPDATED 08-JUL-2021

I’m really new to this so I didn’t know about any of the dos and do nots. Is there a way to increase my ms then? Is 20 good? I don’t use a mouse that has the function of doing an automatic hot key, I would run this macro manually, if that’s a thing? Like I said, totally noob here.

If you’re spamming the macro manually then it’s perfectly fine. It’s where you software like Synapse, G-hub, AHK, Corsair, etc. (which is against Blizz’s ToS)m you run a risk of getting banned and anything faster than 250 ms floods the input queue of a macro with likely random casts of spells/abilities on said macro which should be tuned on that Class or spec rotations.

And welcome to the community!

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OOh! That makes a lot of sense now, I should have seen that with the AHK, lol. I put it on my 1 and 2 keys and use it that way. Thank you for explaining that to me, I really was confused. I was worried I was doing something wrong.

Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

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hello bam I use your macro with the sylphs of the night, but I notice that sometimes it crashes you could try to make it more fluid for the mythical pluses, thanks

Running my DH macros with 6ms all day and have no probs with it.

Hey @Tirgarde - Welcome to the community!

As some of the guys have already said, don’t worry about MS unless you’re using something like AHK!


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Hey @gamers

Is that a night fae ability? The macro was made initially as a Kyrian set-up, but i believe the meta has since changed. I’ve not tried havoc as Night Fae. Is the ability channeled? If so then you may need to add [nochanneling] in the other abilities to stop this from clipping the cast. They should look something like this:

/cast [nochanneling] SpellNameHere


im also brand new too this, i read everyone where about this ms stuff, do i need too change anything
? currently all im doing is importing the marco in GSE and then moving it my bars.
not sure if i need to do anything else from there, they seem to be working
thanks again

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You can either go into one of my macro posts and click on the link to ahk script, or you can search for it yourself on this forum. You need AHK and this script as this script is the best for one button macros. Ahk stands for auto hotkey


thanks for the reply

Love your macros. I have always been confused when there are two different build talents for ST and AOE… can you simplify explanation of how they coincide together… i was always under the impression the st/aoe had to be the same… thanks.

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Hey @deano-w

Thanks for the comments dude. You don’t have to use two seperate macros for ST and AoE, its just how I personally prefer to play. Some people prefer to add modifier keys to their macros for vrious situations. Tlaent wise, sometimes its more preferable to take different talents for increased AoE damage. So in mythic dungeons where youre doing more AoE you might want different talents than you would in a raid where a Single Target boss fight is the focus. Icy Veins is a good source to have a look for different builds for different situations.

works really great) ty for macro mate, wanna ask? there is posible to do a macro for momentum build? or maybe for some different tallent builds?