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Hey guys,

I’ve had a few requests for the updated version of my DH tank macro. So here it is. I’m currently maining DH tank, and this is the macro I’m using. It’s working very well for me. Running it at 70ms with AHK.

Mitigation is not an issue, utilising Demon Spikes on cooldown. This macro also utilises my covenant ability (Kyrian). If you’re not Kyrian then this would need to be changed out.


Usage Information

Bam™ Vengeance Macro - one button tank and spank! Running at 70ms

This macro includes the Kyrian coventant ability Elysian Decree! - Swap this out if you’re not Kyrian.

So with this build the aim is to keep Demon Spikes and immolation aura up as much as possible for the mitigation.

I have been using the Fracture talen for an edge on DPS. However, if you’re struggling with mitigation you could role with Deed the Demon - This redices the CD of Demon Spikes and increases mitigation.

Please forward any feedback to me via the WoW Lazy Macro’s forums. Get in touch if you would like to see any amendments / changes to the macro! They’re always a work in project! :slight_smile:

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.38.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Chaos Nova

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Chaos Strike, Fel Rush, Fel Devastation, Elysian Decree, Immolation Aura, Vengeful Retreat, Demon’s Bite, Sigil of Flame

I hope this is useful to you, please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.


I am aware of an issue were the spells might not show up correctly, this will not stop the macro from working, or firing the correct abilities. This macro will still work as it is meant to. There have been other forum posts with regards to this and explaing the reasoning behind it.


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Awesome, will do some testing on this over the next few days, just ran it against the Dungeoneers Tanking dummy @ 10ms with a world MS of 23 and the results are as follows:

ilvl: 191
Crit: 428
Haste: 369
Mastery: 313
Vers: 330

I lasted 151s finishing on 15 stacks.

Uptime on Immolation aura: 43.7%
Uptime on Demon Spikes: 39.7

Which Legendary are you using?

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Hi mate. Thank you for taking the time to test.

I’m currently running with Razelikh’s Defilement where soul cleave reduces the CD of random sigil as this also works with the covenant ability and I find I’m using my sigils a fair amount. I find they’re very useful if timed correctly in M+ and use them as another interrupt.


Icy Veins suggests to aim for an uptime of 30% on demon spikes. So I’m pleased you’re testing has shown this to be the case with the macro. This makes sure one of its charges is always on cool down. This can be increased with haste, and I believe selecting feed the demon talent can increase this uptime also.

With infernal armour uptime of over 43% I’m happy with this overall update. I’ve found defensive uptime with this macro to be pretty high and consistent. I also use Firey Brand as defensive for times of high incoming damage.

I have read that with enough haste, and feed the demon talent that DH can achieve close to 100% uptime with defensive.

sigh Please stop making these awesome macros…lol :slight_smile: Testing this one out tonight!

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:joy: I’ll take that as a complement!

Let me know how you get on with it @donmatrix

Most if not all Macro’s i use are yours now…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note, for this one can Infernal Strike be removed without impacting the flow of the macro? Personally, i like having that as a manual key press.

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Hey, just curious, what are you using to test the uptime on your abilities.

@donmatrix it can be removed, but I’ve always used it as part of my main rotation. I’ve not tested the macro without it. I would imagine it should be fine though.

Hey everyone, i just got into SL about 2 weeks ago. I really wana focus on Torghast for a while. I really like the concept and want to see what I can push on my VDH. (Currently 153 ilvl working through Campaign with Kyrian.) I run mostly doubles with my brother. He’s running a Druid Cat Form DPS. With the reading i’ve done, everyone really recommends Spirit Bomb. I don’t have either big legendary for Vengeance yet.

Leads me to my point of posting. Can I see someone’s variation of this with Spirit Bomb built in?

Also I don’t have the legendary for Decree CD so I run Concentrated Sigils (#1 on line 5). I’d love to see what the pros come up with. I totally see the point in Quickened Sigils, i’ll make the change when I get the legendary but until then I prefer them to be auto-placed at my feet. I’ve never cared for Chains as I don’t use it for PVP, i’m an Engineer.

Thanks, Huge Fan of your work Bam and others.

From: ThePwnisher aka Pwnishment

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Which talents do you use 12133321 or 2313321?
If version 1 do you use soul bomb individually as needed?

Hey @pwnishment thank you for the comment dude! :slight_smile:

I never use spirit bomb, so you won’t ever find it in any of my macros.

@Bam thanks mate. I have both legendaries now. Playing around with Spirt Bomb via Blade’s macro. idk if i’m sold on Spirit Bomb. I’m going back to your macro starting today to test with my new ilvl. I’m now north of 180. I’m Kyrian also.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hey guys, this macro has now been updated for GSE3 please follow the link below for the updated version.