Bam™ WOTLK BM Hunter Lvl 70 Pre-Patch updated 13-SEP-2022

@Lorebreaker im working on it

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Loving this macro, as always amazing work :slight_smile:
Couple of suggestions if i may.
I always try to keep the tank in groups as a focus target, so i add:

/assistfocus [exists,nodead]

at the top of the KeyPress section;
Also i add in:

/petautocaston [group] Cower; [nogroup] Growl(Rank 7)
/petautocastoff [nogroup] Cower; [group] Growl(Rank 7)

directly after /cast [nopet] Call Pet in the same section.

Then add in a new block, in this instance it would make it #10 and add in:

/castsequence [combat,nogroup] reset=target Intimidation, Mend Pet(Rank 7)

And Make a seperate macro to use incase the tank goes down for what ever reason:

/cast [@target][focus,exists,dead] Growl

Hopefully this helps keeping it Lazy :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used GSE for a while, but wasn’t there a way to bind cooldowns to shift, alt, or ctrl keys?
Basically so that I can control when CD’s happen.

I have been tinkering with this some too. Leveling a hu ter with this 70-73 so far. I do seem to have issues with bear pet keeping aggro.

My question would be how would i do by to implementing misdirection. Ie i set focus to my bear in open world solo and misdirection to it. Then in groups just setting tank to focus.

Ello, I’m thinking maybe:

/cast [@focus,exists,nodead] [@pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

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using this under keypress section causes the macro to not use most of its abilities.

Are you talking about the misdirection? I havebt tested it, nor know where to put it. Ive been testing dk macros for people lol. I will test to ight when i get home.

I might have to log my retail account and look at how elf did it on his. Just need to put it right place.

is there a way to stop this from spaming my screen and saying it

“Spell is not ready yet” - “Ability is not ready yet”

like how do i disable this … please help

disable this and you’re good

that don’t fix the words from coming up on the screen . if u read it does say error Speech … i’m haven errors in the UI which is making words pop up … but ty for ur replay but it don’t help.

Type /M and create a new Macro with any name and icon you please.

Paste this into the macro:

/run UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

You’ll need to click the macro every time you log in.

You can turn error speech off in the sound options as somebody has already said.