Basic destro macro

Okey i need som help.
i looked on Icy-veins for talent choises and a basic rotation and this is what icy-veins tells med:

Keep Immolate applied to up to 3 targets at all times.
Cast Conflagrate to generate Soul Shards.
Cast Chaos Bolt to spend Soul Shards.
Cast Incinerate as a filler.
Cast Rain of Fire on 4+ targets if they are stacked.
Cast Havoc whenever a secondary target is present to cleave your single target spells.
Cast Summon Doomguard or Summon Infernal on cooldown (Infernal for 2+ targets).
Cast Dimensional Rift whenever it reaches maximum charges, you need to move, or you need to burst.

Now Rain of fire does not need to be in the macro, same with havoc, but other then that everything els kind of need to be in the macro, well doomguard and inferal you could acctually keep outside of the macro and just use them as u see fit when the situation calls for it so to say.

so to make a macro out of this would be something like:

Sequences[‘WolfbaneST’] = {
source = “Local”,
helpTxt = “Talents - 1,1,1,1,2,2,3”,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/cast Immolate”,
“/cast [nochanneling] Conflagrate”,
“/cast Chaos Bolt”,
“/castsequence [nochanneling] Incinerate, Incinerate, Incinerate, Incinerate”,
“/cast Dimensional Rift”,

and then have havoc, rain of fire and summon doomguard/inferal outside of the macro. and when it comes to the macro, would it be better to cast of that chaos botl befor the conflagrate to get the “buff” from ut talent on that cast to?
or im i just paddling in the watter with my conclusion??