Battle Ground Priest save

i am trying to write a simple macro (I thought). during Battle grounds ppl like to circle the healer and beat them to death i can live through it if i can get these spells going

  1. Power Word: Shield

9i2. Flash Heal – repeated until shield reprocs

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Create a simple macro on priority mode that has the next:

/cast [nochanneling] Power Word: Shield

/cast [nochanneling] Flash Heal

It will keep casting Flash heal, but once you can power word: shield, It will.

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@DaringSoule Did it work?

Only thing i wasnt doing was the [nochanneling]
Yep works … i hope other priests use it it will work for all specs.
Damn hard to bring me down
Thank you


i like this idea. i hope others see this and try/use it.

Since we did not tie it to player , it also worked great in flag capture for keeping FC alive

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