bear form in feral?

Several people in my guild have stated to me that they get higher dps in feral in Bear form. Hmmmm if so won’t you be pulling aggro from the tank? If not then we would need a gsse macro for bear form feral! Any comments or thoughts?

Single taget dps YOU DONT get higher dps in bear form. maby aoe on trash but not on boss fight :slight_smile:

This is not true. The bread and butter of why bears do quite well with aoe damage is because they generate alot of rage from the mobs hitting on them which in turn allows them to spam Thrash and Swipe alot. If you bear out in feral spec, you will not generate enough rage to do be able to spam those 2 like a tank would. My aoe macro is as good as it gets (which is sad yes due to the current state of feral aoe damage). Just remember to switch between 2 targets after each moonfire using my macro.