Best Spec for HIGH level raiding

Hey guys,

So I am looking to play alts to just relax on for the rest of this expansion. I have a BM hunter who is BiS everything and 12/12M but I am tired of playing him. I only am playing now to help my guild do carries etc. I know the mechanics but given that I am the RL when playing a new character I want to automate the rotations with GSE untill I get good at them my self. I have a bunch of alts that are geared and can get things geared pretty quickly with mythic carries.

My question for this group is other than BM hunter what class performs well at high level PVE play with lazy macros.

Same question goes towards PVP, although im not sure if its even viable to play with a macro there.


play demon hunter they are op even with gse macros

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