BladePro Presents **I Dont Tank I CLAP** Prot Warrior M+ Macro **Will post Macro once 8.3 drops**

I will be finished by Sunday at the latest guys will post as soon as its done :wink:



Broxigar himself approves this Macro :stuck_out_tongue:


where is macro master? :smiley:

Just woke up and logged on. I hope the macro is posted early enough for me to play all day today lol.

Blade has an actual life, I would assume. Perhaps give him some time? How about just appreciate the fact that he’s working on something and contributing, instead of complaining?

Still here… And the truth still hurts. :rofl:

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I wanna start by saying that yes this is a real post lul
I want to post it here in a few hours as soon as i fix issue with shockwave and revenge usage

Ill keep u guys updated with progress anyways i gotta figure this out lol later everyone

/cast [mod:somthingl] Revenge
/castsequence [combat] Shockwave, Devastate, Devastate, Devastate

Keep up the good work my dude <3

Blade creates some awesome macros and he does it out of the kindness of his heart, none of you are owed anything. Thanks for everything you do BladePro! Can’t wait to try your gift to us!


Very excited to play with it once it’s complete! :slight_smile:


As am I mate I’m sure hes perfecting it to where everything runs smooth like his dh macros…cant rush perfection🤘

In the mean time any one have any solid prot warranty macros they live by

I have been using Elfy’s seems to be ok, but I haven’t played warrior in many years so I just dust him off to get levels in pvp :slight_smile:

But yea I’m curious to see BladePro’s version.

Any update to this ?

Blade has been gone for a bit due to harassment. We’ll just have to wait and see.

sure hope he comes back hes greatly missed

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lul nah i have been working on vision perfection build update for my dh tank macro


@BladePro really excited to see the macro mate. I will use it even if its half as good as the veng dh. Not that anything you do is in halves. cant wait to make “dat arse clap” The keys ive been running with OCE vengdh have been making panties in AUS wet :diving_mask:

Good to hear that jackass didn’t push you away; I’m glad to hear it, Blade.

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Don’t give up on the prot macro blade :((

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I second this were in desperate need of a good solid tanking macro