BladePro Presents **I Dont Tank I CLAP** Prot Warrior M+ Macro **Will post Macro once 8.3 drops**

i havent given up i will be releasing it same day as 8.3 after i test it that day. so that i know it will be good to go for a while like my dh macros are.


Cant argue with that logic thanks for all you guys do for us

where is my macro :face_with_monocle:

Not here yet. Wait. Did you actually read the entire post?

8.3? you actually sell us smoke, i want my money back

lol SHAMELESS man i put in so much time into it already

Nov 13 -> Dec 12 :thinking:



i havent given up i will be releasing it same day as 8.3 after i test it that day. so that i know it will be good to go for a while like my dh macros are.

what is whining? :cold_sweat:

This is how I view it: everyone who writes/creates macros for GSE and this website provides a service for free and on their own time. They do not have to share; more than a few probably do not share anyways. Those that do should not feel obligated to do so and when they do, we should treat those individuals with gratitude and respect (their attitude depending, of course). Whining and complaining that macros are not released when you want them to be is both unfair and arrogant. Not to mention rude. As I have pointed out before, Enix, JohnQ, Blade, Elfy, they all have lives outside of this forum and website. Just be grateful. That is all that is required.


he did create it, and then with the news of 8.3 it got put on the shelf to make sure he doesn’t need to redo everything due to possible changes, is that so weird?
in the programming world this happens all the time because of how time-consuming it is to rewrite stuff for newer versions.
as he is publishing it here, it means it’s free for everyone to use, hence you can’t make any form of demands, you should be glad that these are available for you to get your grubby little fingers on and use.


All these comments by you and others like this need to stop - stay on topic

Hope those talkin smack haven’t discouraged @BladePro to post anymore. He and his macros are genius!

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I agree fully tanking in 8.3 looks like its gonna be a blast

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Ya, I don’t know much about warrior tanking. I’ve just started messing with warrior and am loving it! That, my druid, and my DH(Thanks to @BladePro macros ) are going to be the main ones I play :smiley: I’ve even tried my hand at macros, tried to make them like their DH macros for Arms/Fury. Both perform about 1.5k dps off of sims. But I never really played prot warrior. I love his dh macros, they help me understand the calss without having much time to play. Soooo looking forward to his macro post for this :crossed_fingers:

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He has said on a few threads he’s not posting anymore, so don’t get hopes up!

Lame, fkn trolls. Like I really dont get why people complain about free/donated things

Right taking their time and energy to better help the community and someone wants to be all special

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Blade will you still be blessing us with your macro? :smiley:

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Can we delete this thread lol? Every time i get a notification of a response on this thread I get my hopes up that Blade has posted this macro (and it is as awesome as the DH macros) but log in to see those of us waiting in anticipation asking if the macro has been posted yet.