BladePro Presents "PACMAN EXTREME BUILD" UPDATED 3/19/19

Yeah, I turned them off completely. the tooltip explained the grey color. Thanks again.

had a few nice drops. also trinket dropped today after 15 td runs -.-

versatility went up to 17% with 18% crit / 14 % haste and 43 % mastery.

Last td damage meter ( deduct 9 mil damage from canon shooting )
But still first by far.And thats how it goes in any dungeon now.


So i think the versatility was the problem

edit : dummy test 5 min. 31.5 k





Seems a bit low, analyzing the macro and sim in the morning.

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Hello, is there a new macro in version 8.3? Thank you

im about done with updates to dh tanking macro i will start working on the changes to havoc macro tmw its not much i was gonna change just a few things to make it work more efficiently its just me doing trial and error about 40times xD


Nice :+1: can’t wait to see the out come of the havoc remake

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Would someone please post the latest Version of this macro? Appreciate it )

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Op is what I’ve been still using and still going good , unless blade got an update I’d just stick with the top post .

Right here goes. Item level 450 az traits 2x FG , RB, TB, EOR.
Haste- 18%
ms 29(home), 33(world) both usually around the 22 mark
i’m running MS at 10

dummy test 8 mins 19 secs Dps 57.6
usually about dps 48 with talents 2311211
new talent change 3211211 removed DA added FB to the macro changed demon’s bite in the macro to demon blades the rest the same probably could improve it more in the right hands but it’s running amazing for me any improvements are welcome by mr. thanks Bladepro awesome macro.

Could u Upload your modded macro here pls?

Hey sorry buddy don’t have a clue how to upload the edited macro all i done was edit a few lines and that was it pretty straight forward on that front

Just open gse Export and it’s done. Isnt it?

tried nothing happened

im main window click export and nothing ? not in window with macros settings

waiting to see this also

version 8.3? which is the latest update?

@BladePro Awesome to see you back!!! Thanks for all your work on your macros :smiley:


ok guys im getting to work on this one now can i get u guys help with this im trying to fix any lockups u guys may have? what im asking is that the people who like this macro and started having issues aka not enough blade dance or not casting chaos strike as much, etc… can u guys let me know starting from this post down what u guys are wanting more of or what spell is not being used effectively when u run keys and use my dps macro.
i wanna narrow it down to 2 versions and since i have been mainly playing as tank i am not up to date on the issues.
also if u post an issue with the macro also add ur current baseline haste and let me know which of these u have checkmarked Image from Gyazo

and what u have in the ms click rate box

i will still work on it regardless this info will just speed up my process and help me finish faster :smiley:

also i wanted to say i really do appritiate the amount of players who have enjoyed my macros i do it cause i enjoy Mythic Keystones and want to share how i play for u all to enjoy… lol i mean SMASH NOT ENJOY LOL ur keys

i still remember the moment i posted this macro with DEMONIC APPETITE as my talent of choice hehe i made it work when everyone was telling me to take BLIND FURY nah fuck that i will make appetite work and now its the talent of choice for most DH that arnt missing chromosomes LUL anyways i got a macro to improve >:)

-BladePro the one and only


I use another macro, but I always come for the swagger! :sunglasses: BP Forever!

all u gotta do is try this updated one im working on and u will join the cult ez

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