BladePro Presents "SPANKING & TANKING" FOR MYTHIC+ (updated 3/9/2020)

give give give :llama:

need to farm

Im new with essences and stuff, so how do you have anima of death as major an life as minor? I dont see how you can get it like that

@ryan-meyer You benefit from both Major and Minor when you equip a Major essence!


when you put essence in major slot - active and passive skills work.

does anyone see updated macro?


I have imported this macro, created icon , but when I try to enter combat ( Glaive) it does nothing. again I initiate combat first then smash key. It stays stuck at demon spikes, only damage that registers are , melee, fracture and throw glaive…

please help and thank you

*************restarted and reloaded everything works now… than you

I keep going back and forth with essences on different high keys

this is my raider io for anyone interested i only do keys not raid.
i have rank 3 Echoing Void which is still been really good in m+ just trying out Crucible of flame major and vision major without gluttony

so… when you post update macros ?

cant import for some reason. any ideas why

im literally using the same macro its whats been working best and im running high keys


same ? from first post ?
can you update it ? add essence / talents etc (from this post BladePro Presents "SPANKING & TANKING" FOR MYTHIC+ BECOME PRO )

i can tell right away that u are limiting ur characther with ur current choice of essences and azerite traits as vengence DH’s u really want x3 Revel in Pain and atleast x1-2 Hour of Reaping for M+ if u go for 1 hour of reaping i would recommend having atleast 1 cycle of binding and 1 essence sever

Love your macro and your style.

Once i finish working on my havoc macro i want to stream me using my tanking macro to push to 3k and above and show all u pussies how its done :slight_smile:

-BladePro more like LatePro


Those are pretty spectacular stats for a macro. I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes. Great work, Bladepro!

Updated macro is here


Im hyped too stomp some keys with it.
Btw what do u mean with TD :sweat_smile: sorry for being noob

Twilight devastation any rank atleast 1 on in keys for that big dick increase
this is using version 2 glut/vision build enjoy
16 ToS just now
DPS – Image from Gyazo

HPS – Image from Gyazo

Just one last thing, which azerit traits do u recommend?

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