BladePro Presents "SPANKING & TANKING" FOR MYTHIC+ (updated 3/9/2020)

Im new with essences and stuff, so how do you have anima of death as major an life as minor? I dont see how you can get it like that

@ryan-meyer You benefit from both Major and Minor when you equip a Major essence!


when you put essence in major slot - active and passive skills work.

does anyone see updated macro?


I have imported this macro, created icon , but when I try to enter combat ( Glaive) it does nothing. again I initiate combat first then smash key. It stays stuck at demon spikes, only damage that registers are , melee, fracture and throw glaive…

please help and thank you

*************restarted and reloaded everything works now… than you

I keep going back and forth with essences on different high keys

this is my raider io for anyone interested i only do keys not raid.
i have rank 3 Echoing Void which is still been really good in m+ just trying out Crucible of flame major and vision major without gluttony

so… when you post update macros ?

cant import for some reason. any ideas why

im literally using the same macro its whats been working best and im running high keys


same ? from first post ?
can you update it ? add essence / talents etc (from this post BladePro Presents "SPANKING & TANKING" FOR MYTHIC+ BECOME PRO )

i can tell right away that u are limiting ur characther with ur current choice of essences and azerite traits as vengence DH’s u really want x3 Revel in Pain and atleast x1-2 Hour of Reaping for M+ if u go for 1 hour of reaping i would recommend having atleast 1 cycle of binding and 1 essence sever

Love your macro and your style.

Once i finish working on my havoc macro i want to stream me using my tanking macro to push to 3k and above and show all u pussies how its done :slight_smile:

-BladePro more like LatePro


Those are pretty spectacular stats for a macro. I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes. Great work, Bladepro!

Updated macro is here


Im hyped too stomp some keys with it.
Btw what do u mean with TD :sweat_smile: sorry for being noob

Twilight devastation any rank atleast 1 on in keys for that big dick increase
this is using version 2 glut/vision build enjoy
16 ToS just now
DPS – Image from Gyazo

HPS – Image from Gyazo

Just one last thing, which azerit traits do u recommend?

Haha blade knew you would see glut is okay , that’s what I been trying out as I was saying the other morning to you in game, but gonna try out spb macro to see how it works out again and see if it all runs good on my latency, that was my only issue on my end with it just gotta tinker with ms settings on synapse

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