Blitz Frost (Obliteration)


I’m very satisfied with this macro so far. If i feel it needs updated or tweaked i will do so and if people show interest in my macro i will keep it updated for all

Talents: 2/1/X/2/X/1/2

Pillar of frost is used on CD.

No true way to perfectly use rime without tossing in a mod.

For those of you that cant seem to gets mods to work, here is the fix. Open your key bindings > Find an action that has NO bind, seriously any action, make it Stop Auto Run, i don’t care > click it and do Shift + X (X = key that you have your macro set to) then click it again and do Ctrl + X and then click it again and do Alt + X > Finally click it once more and unbind key. MOD KEYS NOW WORK FOR YOU. take advantage of them, they will take your macro to the next level.

Mod: Alt = Howling Blast (only use this for rime procs, Howling Blast auto casts to open fight, then never again after unless the mod is used)
Mod: Shift = Empower Rune Weapon (may add this to cast on CD rather than having it on a mod)

I’m using a razer mouse set to 100ms