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Current update to Bloodshot SV macro

/cast [mod:shift] Disengage
/cast [mod:shift] Harpoon
/cast [mod:alt,@player] Tar Trap
/cast [mod:lctrl,@player] Wild Spirits

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.49.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Aspect of the Eagle, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault

KeyPress: Bite, Misdirection, Wild Spirits, Disengage, Call Pet 4, Tar Trap, Harpoon

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Wildfire Bomb, Coordinated Assault, Raptor Strike

KeyRelease: Aspect of the Eagle, Kill Shot, Harpoon

Post Macro: Wildfire Bomb, Serpent Sting, Raptor Strike

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My guy, this is a solid macro you made here.
I’m hitting around 90% of my sim.
Only thing I did was throw in another raptor strike, that gave me another couple hundred dps.
Otherwise, Raidbots showed me that the wildfire bombs damage is close, but not quite there. I don’t know if I could add more casts to them to increase it, but then raptor strike casts may not hit as often.
I’m also running this at 70 MS

Thanks for your work!

Solid macro I agree, I did find it having issues throwing bombs so I had to go in and add lines in sequence as a /cast for each bomb type every other cast. There was significant increase in damage, and felt much smoother. I don’t know why, I notice you have the line set up as a talent line, I just took that out. I have found it not reapplying dot when taking through mobs a lot.

I run at 70ms, I found that to be my sweet spot

Cool thanks, ye I had that issue before in BFA and had to do the same, I’ll test it out and see if I get more dps now by doing that

Hey man, where did you add it at? Thanks in advance.

Leveling right now
I’ll send you a pm with my reworks in a while

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Very much appreciated, mate.

Just a quick follow-up. This works really fine, I took Butterbeards work but added /cast for each bomb type every other cast like Clown5.0 suggested. And I had to slow it down to 100ms because I missed out on early Killshots (I do have a very solid and fast internet connection).

Because Carve is not a dominant spell in the sequence I have that on a seperate key to slice of some more special seconds in big packs.

Good work. Make Survival Great Again.

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Solid DPS, 2.5k on raiders training dummie. 175ilvl without leggo. awesome!

I find that [Serpent Sting] doesn’t really apply or stay applied, only 50% uptime.

@Clown5.0, would you mind sharing your code?

I will dig around and post what changes I made when I get home tonight. Haven’t really played with it much, gearing up bm atm, then ill switch back to gearing survival.

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I found when trying to add each bomb, there is still times they don’t go off.

Try alternating the bombs, ie put a kill command in between

I havent forgot about you, just got caught up with real life

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Something like this?

/cast Volatile Bomb
/cast kill command
/cast Shrapnel Bomb
/cast kill command
/cast Pheromone Bomb

Yes, but you’ll notice after running the macro stopping and opening gse the bombs will all be the same name. Just the way wow and gse works I guess.

Also check your speed your running it the ms has a lot to do with bombs for some reason. To fast they will skip etc

Where did you add another raptor strike?

Did you add more raptor strikes into yours?