BM Hunter - Raiding Single/AoE - 8.2.5

So this is what i have been using for pretty much all of BFA. It has the best DPS of all of the ones i have tested but that may just be my gear and familiarity with it. I run it at 50ms. Test it out and see if it suits you.

This is based on someone elses work… but for the life of me i cant remember who it was. Thank you sir. You are a lifesaver.

It uses a Shift modifier for Mutli-Shot to proc beast cleave. That’s pretty much it.


Please let me know if it works out well for you.


How do you go in M+ with this?

I dont really have much basis for comparison as i havent done any logs in M+. My ilvl is 433 in M+ gear and for what its worth i average about 35k single target. AoE pull dps is too all over the place for a reasonable number. Hopefully that answers your question.

Its worth noting that im stuck in the sad bus with a stack of feeding frenzy instead of blightborne infusion, someday i will get a Soulscarred…

Don’t know why this didn’t get more love as it’s one of the best BM macro’s I have tested. I am still using it to this day and love it. Thanks for posting!

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