Borland1891_AFFLI_PVP_PVE_AIO Update 10th of june-23

Macro works really good in PvP. Did a solo just now and pretty good.

Hi,just started using the macro and it seems very good , i read that u have a razer mouse, i wanted to ask if u ever had problems with blizzard for using razer synapse or it’s good, i find myself using the macro with me clicking the button for it, but it never works as intended,so just wanted to know if u ever had any problems,thanks and sorry for the stupid question

@PippoCoca Never any issues. Used this for years now.
Just nuke it with 100ms and you be fine.
My gear is 421 PvP so you know.

100 ms it’s 0,1 in razer synapse right? Thank you for answering the question :smile: damn 421, my gear is 342 at best hahaha i have a long way forward

0.1 in synapse yes. My gear is PvP ilevel 421 but in normal its 385.
PvP items scale up when entering PvP so you know :slight_smile:
Best regards

I just updated macro to function for all the changes in talents. Actually feels really good on the PvP taining dummy. Have not tested in battle yet :slight_smile:
Main post is updated.


I tested the updated macro in pvp and its great!

Good job :smiley:

This hits like an absolute truck in PvE content aswell, well done mate!

Sounds really good. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

@Death Did you test in Raid? I tested in LFR and it spammed Unstable Affliction like a madman so i went to a pve training dummy and then all worked as i want it to do. Wierd as hell but let me know in what content of PvE you tested it please.
Best regards

i use ICUE and toggle macro at 100 ms how you manage to use drain life? or fear?

I use that with mods. But i dont have that in Macro.
In keybindings setup i have alt1,shift1 and ctrl1 on 3 bars i see on my screen.
In settings looks like this:
Then i make own macros that i put in the bars.
Drainlife i put in alt1 button.
Bar Alt1
Then i make fear macro and put in shift1 button on bar.
Bar Shift1
last i just put Rapid Contagion in Ctrl1 button

So my bar looks like this with all my Mods spells.

So this means you need to have your 1 button as spam button for my GSE macro and when you hold down alt button it auto presses alt1. When you release alt you are back to spam your 1 button.
Best regards


Amazing thnxx a lottt

At pvp add because use soulburn for Drain life add to cast soulburn first and cursor for Gate still play with it i use and different talents seems to working
/cast Soulburn
/cast [@cursor] Demonic Gateway

/cast Soulburn
/cast [nochanneling] Drain Life

Hey there,

Any chance we can get an updated screenshot of talents or an updated import string? Trying to find a macro that works.


@WolfStorm I just updated the macro. test and see how it works for you.
Best Regards
Updated again macro so slot1 is with Absolute Corruption and slot 2 is with Siphon Life :slight_smile:

Ok weird problem. I tried to import the macro and chat told me it was imported like it does all the time but the macro does not show in GSE. Tried again and it wanted to merge the macro which means its there but its invisible. Anyone else ever had this happen?

Yo, just updated Affli macro. Test it out please and let me know. In Solo i destroy atm climbing ladders :slight_smile:
Main post has all you need to know.
Best of luck

Hey, welcome back.

Do you know what happened with affli? Did blizz buff them? I see they are one of the top dps in mythic raiding atm.

Actually not a clue lol. Just noticed when i tested arena that it was good :slight_smile: