Edit: 2023-04-03 Due to changes in talents i have changed my AIO macro so it now works. The function of Soul Swap is used manually. Talents updated below and in macro so just import and kill :slight_smile: Best of luck.

New Update on AIO. Use for both PvP and PvE.
I use 100ms with my Razer mouse.
PvP Talents: Rapid Contagion, Precognition, Rampant Affliction


Usage Information

Use for both PvP and PvE.
Manually usage in PvP of Rapid Contagion, Soul Swap and Amplify Curse/Curse of Exhaustion or what you want.

1 is with Absolute Corruption
2 is with Siphon Life
Remember to swap talents :slight_smile:

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.30.

  • The Default macro template is 2

i made an account just to tell you and others reading that this macro works a treat for pvp and has done for the 10 or so days ive been using it


Fantastic, glad to hear it. Yea in PvP it is actually really good.
But Affli are mad in BG atm :slight_smile:

This worked well for me in a BG… did solid dps top 5 and was steady cranking… thanks for the share.

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Please read and acknowledge this:

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I am not playing my Lock atm but its 70 atleast. Will update soon i hope.
Did some BG but i feel its really not working good as it did in prepatch.
Hopefully i do this in weekend.
Best regards

I just updated my Affli PvP macro.
Test it out and see if it works in PvP. I have done some BG:s and i do ok damage but i have shit gear so i guess with full gear it will work better.
Also i use Soul Rot manually because i cant get it to work.
Best regards


Macro updated and with only pvp gear BG:s are really fun now :slight_smile:
Try it out and let me know if its ok. Should now even work in M+ but i havent tested yet.
Best regards

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Hey I got soul rot to work by joining another covenant in shadowlands

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Ok, will test. Ty for telling :santa:

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Macro updated again. Soul Rot works and ty alot @DubiousDom
for telling the trick of swap to another covenant :slight_smile:
Also did change abit in macro, playing around abit and feel this got alot better.
Try and see.
Best regards


Thanks man, I will test it today, I’m using maldiva build so should work good with your macro, thanks again.

My latest BG and im 406 pvp ilevel.
Name is Lökjävel and it really is working ok .


Just updated macro. Have done some changes on it so try and see how you like it.

Best regards

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I think the one i have is enough even for Big fights. Will try thou and see if i can figure out something for it.

Best regards


I am drawing a blank here, but i cant get some of the spells to fire off that are in the pvp cooldown macro. Soul rot sometimes fires off but Rapid Contagion & Haunt never cast and for testing purposes it makes no difference in pvp or arena they do not cast. I have the icon made and i even erased all of my warlock macros and started fresh. The Main macro fires everything as normal. I also want to give big props in that the older macro before the PVP Cooldowns version works fantastic and i have won a lot of arena matches and its a blast to play in battlegrounds.

Test to do this in your options under General.
I think it might be this. The click thingy is perhaps needed to have the “Use external MS Timing”. Im not sure but try this.

Unfortunately I already had this checked. I tried unchecking it to no difference. As it stands Soul rot works and dark glare are working but haunt and rapid contagion are not. I still have it set to use Phantom Singularity and it’s not casting that either. This is so weird as why would it cast some spells but not others . I will figure it out eventually lol. I appreciate your work.

How fast you doing it and what you use. A mouse or AHK or just clicking yourself? I do 150ms but i think slower might be good if you not getting casts out. Try 200ms and see
Otherwise its wierd because i do so much better with this now, Insane better so to speak :slight_smile: