Borland1891_AUG Update 2023-11-20

Dont worry about that, macro will still work. It still gonna rotate the skills in macro when you spam the macro.

alright just making sure I wasn’t missing something :slight_smile: thanks!

Are there any updates on this for 10.2? Please and thank you.

havent got to this character yet but i will pretty soon. Might do it today but im on my Fistweaver atm due to it is o fun now. But say max 1 day and i fix it.


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Hi all. Aug macro is updated and i made so TAB1 is PvP and TAB2 is M+.
Havent tested at all in Arena or M+ but tested on Dummy to see it works.
I used talents from Top Solo players and Top M+ Players.
Let me know if it works.
Best regards


Amazing ty <3 keep up the great work sir.

i seem to be having some trouble with this macro. Just back into the game and working on augvoker. I’m manually casting the macro for now, but fire breath and eruption are casting but not always completing. Not sure if I have a setting off, but my dps is really, really low.
Anything I may have missed?

So you mean macro clips fire breath and Eruption from casting ?
Have you used my macro before and been working or you new to it?
Also Tab1 is for PvP talents and Tab2 is for M+ talents.
Settings for empowered spells is this:

I use this at 100ms, faster will clip some spells for me.

i have it set to tab 2 and I have press and tap enabled.
I’m clearly doing something wrong as my friend in healer evoker spec is outdpsing me with same ilvl, but damned if I can figure it out.

You choosen the correct talents for M+ and also set the focus on tank?

affirmative. even soloing and I set focus on myself

really wierd, i dont have any issues with macro so must be something that is not correct at your end.
Best Regards

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still playing with this macro i like it.

Nice to hear macro still works :slight_smile:
I dont play it at the moment so you know. Ty for telling.