Borland1891_Fistweaving_PvP 10.2 New Update 2023-11-20

New Update 2023-11-20
I have updated my macro for Fistweaving in PvP and also it has some heals if you mouseover your friends. I added in the mouseover. The macro it self is doing alot of healing so just be on the target that your dps are on and it will be awesome.
You need to manually do Life Cocoon, Ring of Peace, Restoral and also all of your defensives. Zen Sphere is used auto in macro on your target you dps and also on mouseover if you want it on friendly. I almost only heal through the macro so i use the mouseover healing only when i see someone in trouble far away.
I have no mods in macro but on keys that i bind to Alt1, Shift1 and Ctrl1.
Alt1: Touch of Death
Shift1: /cast [@mouseover] Life Cocoon
Ctrl1: /cast [@cursor] Ring of Peace

What i see with my 463 PvP gear is that in BG you heal like a madman.
Cant wait to get full gear so i can enter the Arena for some Solo games :slight_smile:
Test it out and let me know what you think.

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This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.43-PatronBuild.


Excited to give it a try. But, talents are out of date.

Hmm, how can talents be out of date when i did this today :slight_smile:
It works for me anyways but there must be something wierd happening on your side. Gonna check this as soon as wow is back up again after reset.

Definitely could be me!

Let me give it a go again.

Yep, definitely says out of date. I’d guess it’s because the new patch went live today after you made this one.

Usually when a talent code says it is out of date you can go to wowhead and get a updated talent code. So I went ahead and done it for you -B4QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA0SU0kEimWEJlgoFSkSJIAAAAAAAAAAAASKkWSSIhSBUSSKJRAAAA. There you go and safe travels to you.

Hi all.
Gonna check macro and update as soon as i can.

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Macro updated.
@cdub3n @james-harris

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oh thank you! I definitely forgot that was an option.

hey great pvp macro! been using it a ton. just curious if you have thought about making a fistweave thats pve focused or do you think this is a solid setup for that too?

Not sure if this is good for PvE, i am only doing PvP but i might test it in PvE and see if it works.

Could you please update the talents please cause I can’t get it to load, is this build a mistweaver build instead of a windwalker build please let me know thank you.

This is not a WW build hence its healing but probably Blizz decided to change the talent tree again :slight_smile:
Can check if there is something wierd but i usually use the top solo builds for Fistweaving.

Try this, i just copied what i have atm.

I just updated the macro abit and its in main post.
Best regards

Not working for me, sorry!!!

Yo, what is not working. I think my update was a month ago and i believe theres been changes after that. Gonna look and i post update to this.
I am using this as we speak but i have done alot of tinkering so i need to throw the bad setups in the bin and just have the one im using atm.
Gimmie a couple of minutes and it will be on here :slight_smile:

Macro updated and ready to go.

Best regards

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Sorry, I meant to reply to the message about the talent changes, didn’t meant to be unhelpful haha, thank you!

Can someone please post screenshot of Talents? none of the import strings are working for me :<