Borland1891_Fistweaving_PvP 10.2 New Update 2024-02-24

Test this @Voci , it looks like it is changed for some reason but i cant see any changes i my talent tree. I also updated the main post.

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Awesome its works thanks man :smiley: quick reply!

Hi Borland again, may I know or request if possible to create a MW for M+? if you just have time, nobody is creating macro’s for M+ haha.

I dont play M+ but might look into it.

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thanks borland! hope you have a good day!

Hi all. Just updated my PvP macro for Fistweaving.
Try it out and let me know what you think.
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Hello Borland, amazing macro, I run this with some added Renewing Mist in M+ and it works like a charm. I wish there was a way to target specific partymembers for Renewing Mist or a randomizer, otherwise kick ass macro. Thanks mate!

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can you share what you did? looking fo something for m+

Nice to hear it works good. I will look into how to get some randomized cast on party members. Thinking it might work if using @party1 etc. Will test and i upload if i find something useful.
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I added a /cast [@focus] Renewing Mist and take the tank in focus. Not elegant but rolls Mists on CD.


How did u manage that?

Did you add it to the Macro Variables section?

/castsequence [nochanneling, @targettarget] Renewing Mist, Faeline Stomp

changing it to

/castsequence [nochanneling, @focus] Renewing Mist, Faeline Stomp?

PvP Fistweaving macro updated in main post.
Let me know what you think.
Best regards

Could possibly make a section of the macro for party 1, party 2 etc target and utilize the random option of a sequence if you want to heal random party members

cast [@party2]spell

I tested that with renewing mist but actually made it worse. Most important for Fistweavers are using Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick. Then use Rising Sun Kick on cooldown.
But i will tweak this tonight and find a good solution.
But in Arena by doing dps rotation i heal alot and casting out renewing is not needed mostly, only if someone is far away there needs to be casting some heals but that is rare.
In arena fight i am around 100 to 120 hps with this but ofc depends on what you are up against. Ret pala and havoc yesterday was really hard to keep up with healing due to their insane damage output.
Best regards

Hi @Borland1891_2325 Borland, it seems to be pretty flawless :slight_smile: but somehow im missing the Zen Impulse, maybe possible to add this in somewhere without disturbing the flawless flow ? i tryed to but i always mess something up idk why this always happen to me when im trying to add or change smth

Try this one. I have changed abit in macro so i have Renewing on @focus together with Zen Pulse. Also added mod ALT/SHIFT together for using Touch of Death for the killing :slight_smile:


Usage Information

Fistweaving with manual use of devfensives and also mana tea.
Put focus on the person you want some extra care for, will cast Renewing and Zen Pulse on @focus.

Mods in macro are as follows.
ALT = @mouseover when Chi Ji 3 stacks for free Enveloping Mist
SHIFT = @mouseover for Life Cocoon.
CTRL = @cursor for Ring of Peace
ALT/SHIFT = Touch of Death


This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54-PatronBuild.

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feels pretty smooth :slight_smile: but may i ask why you mixed up sometimes mod shift cocoon and touch of death for example?^^ mod alt 3 stacks with chiji and in last box its mod alt ToD i think^^ im a bit confused, doesnt this mess up or interrupt other things?

ah nvm i saw, its mouseover shift and no mouse overf ^^ sorry :smiley: my eyes are not that good anymore today evening :smiley: to long on screen :smiley:

Yea, eyes can be nasty sometimes seeing stuff that is not true :slight_smile:
But i had to check and i can see all is good in macro.
But playing Arena as healer is not that fun anymore. Some classes burst so hard and also doing consistent damage its almost impossible sometimes to keep ppl alive. Also damn Monks are really not the best to hide from all cc when doing Fistweaving lol

good morning borland^^

yes this is kinda true, even if you got bad luck with the rng matchmaking and getting placed with solo player which are just rly playing sol.o and run down their own team solo :smiley:

ehm, i thought about the pvp talent zen spheres, do you think it would be possible to add this somewhere with something like if focus exist, cast on focus, if not on target or on player?

i saw up to 2,4k cr in solo this is with the others the most taken talent ^^

would be interested to test if this would work, i will try it also to get it or either mess it up again :smiley: