Borland1891_Prot_M+ 2024-02-01

The consol function is just copy and paste in your variable. But how does you variable look like now? Can you send picture so i can see if you have more that might conflict the variable.

I’ve edited this macro a bit to remove automatic AS (removing it enables second kick, more HP, bit of DPS loss), DT (dps and holy power decrease but it also doubles as a ghetto multi kick), EoT, and Trinket1 (tainted rageheart) because I want to press those myself.




This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54.

  • The Default macro template is 2

Ok, this means the changes you have done is that AS needs to be casted manually all the time. The variable SotR is not connected anymore, is that intended? Also Divine Toll and Eye of Tyr manually. If that works for you its good but i like these pop of auto. Avenging Shield pops of so many times it interupts alot of casts and loosing interupt manually for more defense due to Bulwark of Order is not anything i want because i will forget to use Avenging Shield :slight_smile:
My fingers are bad so i try use as many spells i can into macro :slight_smile:
But as i said, if this suits you go for it :slight_smile:
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Yep that’s the goal

as far as I can tell the variable despite the name, only casts AS, not SotR, right?

Yeah I want mostly the rotational spells in the macro, so Judgement, both hammers, SotR, that’s about it for me. And the intercession, of course.

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Yea, the variable was first SotR inside but changed to get more AS out. Never changed the variable name :slight_smile: So you can delete that one if not using. But this is as you like it and i guess that is good for control so it will work nicely for you.

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Hey, I was peeking at your macro because I was curious of this console command that you’re using.

The console command

/console autoUnshift 0
/console autoUnshift 1

Is specific to Druids. It prevents a druid from automatically unshifting to caster form when attempting to cast a spell. For paladins, it does nothing. :frowning:

Well that can be true. Fun thing is that this actually work for casting free WoG :grinning:

need to get on to that raid version buddy hehe

hey dude whats your opener look like are you just going straight for the macro or are you pulling with a as first to get agro and pull everything in?

Murph i usually pull with AS off cd and i start with that manually only on pull and then macro full time thats what i personally do

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just to update you with this buddy blizz has intentionally stopped this @Borland1891_2325 I tagged you both as I don’t know if it affects prot and oak I think you have a druid one right? so might want to test that guys

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this macro is 100% fire id say best macro in GSE atm <3 all these completions are me tanking not carries

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Sounds fantastic. Havent touched this macro for a couple of weeks now but glad you like it. I spent so many hours with this macro it made me not wanna touch it for a while now :slight_smile:
i am stuck in my damn PvP Feral macro that will probably make me insane before i am happy lol.

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Yea, it wont work now but easy fix. Just delete both rows of Console and it will use WoG when free because my macro eats up Holy Power so fast it never hard cast WoG, atleast for me :slight_smile: