Borland1891_Prot_M+ 2024-04-04

Murph is right.

  • Click on the options button (defaulted to escape, looks like a computer, and is at the bottom of your screen), then click on the “Sound and Voice” button, and on the “Sound” tab, there should be a checkmark next to the words “Error Speech”. Uncheck it, and then press “Okay”. That should alleviate the annoying audio prompts you’re receiving.

Mine isnt a sound issue , it just red text saying no target even though there’s a target.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 210306

I think its because i spam so fast the target dies and its looking for the next target.

Thank yall that worked. Good to know.

I’m fairly sure these add ons { leatrix +,or errorfilter } have built in options for these commands below, so it might be easier. Either way, I’ve also found these commands that might work in a macro for you (I’ve not tested them).

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() - completely hides error frame. Since the yellow quest loot message is linked to the same frame, it hides those too. Permanant change, but can use:
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show() - re-enables the error frame, basically reverse of above.
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() - cleans out any currently displayed error messages without blocking further ones. You can add this to the ends of macros that you may use that can pop errors if you use them at certain times (like having the same button for 1 and 2 minute cooldowns and your 2 minute isn't up yet).

Good luck and let us know if that resolves your issue. I’d try leatrix+ first.

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Yeah the leatrix addon did the trick, i had it already had it, just didnt muck around with it, i got it because of the herb and mining hiding the equipment appearance.

how do you self heal more with Word of glory i fine it i the sheild righteous takes the holy power and i cant heal my self or am i missing something

that being said this is AMAZING MACRO!!! my hands dont hurt i can haVE fun

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Gonna look into it if i can find a way without destroying the flow in macro.
Happy that it works for you and im really satisfied how it actually performs.
Best regards

I have checked my macro and it cast free WoG on @focus as it is in macro. But i might have missed to upload my newest fix so i just did on my main post. Macro is always using all holy power for SotR but if WoG is free insta cast it will cast. Dont forget to set the focusa on the one you want this extra heal.
Best regards

Thanks for the insight

How do you set your @focus? Just testing on training dummies atm and can’t seem to get it to cast WoG on myself with the ctrl + click

Seems awesome though so far!

Hi @Modern1315
Actually i saw i really made this wrong with mod CTRL.
It is supposed to be mouseover and hold CTRL when macro spamming but due to i have not placed mod in line where SotR is it will eat all Holy Power before it even will get enough holy power for casting WoG :slight_smile: I now changed macro so this wont happen and it will heal the target you mouseover when holding down CTRL. But this is nothing to use alot because your healer should be the one that heals, you want to cast SotR as much as you can.
The @focus is for macro to cast the free WoG and it will do auto on the target you set @focus on.
You can make a macro to set focus, i have this.
/focus [@mouseover,nodead,exists]; [@target,exists]
Just mouseover the one you want focus and click your own focus macro.
But you can also just right click on the party frame you want and then click set focus.

I updated main post with new macro so it actually cast WoG when using CTRL and mouseover :slight_smile:
Best regards

just to let you know i was using this for tindral mythic

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Sounds fantastic. Did you check any site on how it performed that you can share?

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takes awhile for the first consecration to go down but currently parsing lol 65/70 on prog im full bis tank too

So this M+ macro works better than my Raid one?

Try this instead. Moved Concecration in the castsequence so it starts with it and also set it as a reset on target swap wich means as soon as you change target it will drop a new Concecration.


Usage Information

Sentinel pops on cooldown, also you set @focus on yourself for free cast of WoG. You can also set focus on anyone that needs it more than you :slight_smile:
Use all blessings manually and defensives.

Mods are as follows:
ALT= @ mouse over Intercession, (Battle Ress)
CTRL= @mouseover Word of Glory


This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.64-2-g1fc7075-PatronBuild.

  • The Default macro template is 2

Il test it over the weekend

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I made the same mod to your excellent macro to move consecration earlier :slight_smile:

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tried this in a hc run - 96 parse (in the top 600 world logs)

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Damn that is nice :slight_smile:
Best regards

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