Bug or more likely I'm doing something wrong?

This is an issue I’ve been having for a while now and finally decided to sign up and see if anyone else is having this issue as well. Maybe it’s a bug or maybe it’s just me - most likely something I’m doing wrong.

When playing World of Warcraft and using GSE I’ve noticed I can play from maybe 30/45 minutes or up to an hour and then suddenly my GSE macros stop working. But it’s not just the macros. It’s as if WoW blocks all keys on my keyboard.

Not only does the macro stop working but pressing any of my number keys assigned to items on my action bar stop working. I can press ESC and close wow but that’s about it. Typing /reload doesn’t fix it. Sometimes if I don’t do anything and wait a couple minutes things will start to work again, but in more times then not the only fix is to close wow either using ESC and closing or ALT+F4 to force close wow.

Log right back in and everything is working as expect.

My setup consists of a corsair mechanical keyboard and a Steelseries mouse. I have a macro configured on my mouse to press the 1 key on my action bar which is where I place my GSE macros.

I’m currently running GSE 2.6.09, but I’ve been having this issue for the last month or two.

Other than force closing WoW, is there something else I can do to help resolve this?


Are you playing on a character that doesn’t have a Heart of Azeroth and using a macro that hade /cast Heart Essence in it?

If so remove the /cast Heart Essence line from your macro.

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That’s interesting.

So in this most recent case I’m playing as a DK and leveling it up, currently a level 44 and does not have the heart of azeroth.

I’ve had this happen many times and on other characters but now I’m wondering - for those characters that I’m leveling and the macro’s are calling skills/spells that toon doesn’t know yet, should I also remove those spells too? Or is this “issue” only related heart of azeroth for some reason?

a lot of these macros are meant for max level unless it says that its for leveling, one thing I had done before was just take out the Heart of Azeroth by editing the macro, this almost always helps with the lock up. Just take a screenshot of where the Heart of Azeroth is in the macro so you can put it back once youve reached max level. edit-Just seen timothylukes reply haha do exactly that and im sure it will fix it.

THis one only affects the Heart of Azeroth - Every other skill just skips normally. Its an extremely annoying WoW bug.

you can also put two – in front to ignore the line

-- /cast Heart Essence <- this is treated as a comment by GSE and Skipped.

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Thank to both of you. I’m going to give that a try now and play for a bit and see what happens.

This would be fantastic if the fix is this simple.

Much appreciated!

If you really wanted to be fancy you could replace the /cast Heart Essence line with ~~HE~~

Create a variable with the name HE and has the value
function() local itemLink= GetInventoryItemLink("player", 2) if GetItemInfo(itemLink) == "Heart of Azeroth" return '/cast Heart Essence' end end

What this would do is If you have a Neck Equipped, when GSE compiles your macro it would replace the ~~HE~~ in your macro with /cast Heart Essence otherwise it would delete the ~~HE~~ and skip that line.

Actually I’ll make that an inbuilt macro like ~~GCD~~

With 2.6.11 that will be out later tonight - you can replace /cast Heart Essence with ~~HE~~

Well I’m more than happy to share that I’ve played for a bit now and have yet to have this issue again.

In addition, my pally I’ve been playing this morning did not have a Heart of Azeroth entry in the macro and no issues there either.

I’ll keep an eye on it, but I think you guys found the issue. Thank you so much!

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