can it or cant it

i ve been hearing different ppl say that gs can get u banned and some say it cant
for ppl with disabilities like me its a tool that helps me enjoy playing the game

The only way an addon could get you banned is if it automates functions. GS doesn’t do it automatically. You still have to press the button(s), making it much the same as any other macro. Essentially, it just exceeds the character count of a normal macro.

I can only speak for GS-E.

You can’t get banned for using GS-E. everything it does is bua the exposed WoW API that Blizzard has published that any mod can make use of. Does it change the functionality of macros yes. Can you get banned for this no.

If Blizzard wants to remove functionality that GS-E uses it will do so via changes to the API. It did this today with DBM and its range finder. Blizzard didn’t ban any users of DBM just removed the functionality.

You can potentially get banned for using 3rd party programs to automate gameplay or key actions. Using AutoHotKey or programmable hardware keyboards and mice has not been definativly ruled on by Blizzard. Note I say potentially as its third party stuff and I have yet to hear if anyone who was banned for this.

GS-E is a mod that works solely within the restrictions that Blizzard have set. You cannot get banned for that.

okk thx for the response