Can someone catch me up a tad?

Howdy folks. Decided to play again. I’ve noticed a few things are different and I’ve spent the last couple hours tinkering with making a leveling macro for a shammy.

What are the keyPress and keyRelease fields about? I’ve stuck random things in there and they fire off but I’d like to have a clearer understanding what they are intended for. I’m not finding much to do with them defining wise and about 40 pages of search come up with results from code of macros.

I suspect the inner loop limit is a sequence reset?

The tabs that can be made under the one macro name. how does this function? Does it go from tab 1 to tab 2 and so on? or a version tool?
*played with buttons figured it out. version tool…

And I really like the import on this version a lot. Kudos on that TimothyLuke.