Can this be done?

I would like to set up a macro than when press. It only fires Pyroblast “IF” Hotstreak is active. “ifnot” ignore?

With all these macros and script abilities. Checking to see is something is true or false. SHouldnt be a hard hill to climb.

Is this possible.

Something like the set up that if Drain soul is channeling it wont restart drain soul. I know its not the same. But you get the premise.

/cast [Hot Streak,Exist] Pyroblast

I really want to get into learning how macros work. I dont want to just copy and paste from you guys.

Unfortunately this is not possible. These are limited by the rules of what an ingame macro can do. While they avoid some of the pitfalls of ingame macros like getting stuck or waiting for an action to become available IF-Then-else constructs are not something we can incorporate.

HAHA wow… a response from the famous Draik. Well if you say it cant be done… then it cant be done.

Thanks for the time.

There is always another way though. The thing from Blizzards angle is that you the player should make the decisions on an If-Then-Else decision.

You could create two sequences one for BlazeStreak and a normal one or even put your blaze stuff on a mod so that you press 1 and its your normal sequence but Shift+1 is your blaze version.

If you look at John’s BM Macros this is what how he has gotten around this : BM Gnome Sequencer - Enhanced Leveling & raiding - Patch 7.0+ - WoW Lazy Macros

(Sorry for the delay in repsonses - The site came up while I was asleep last night and Im catching up with all the posts)