Can't cast skills?

Hey there!
I’ve got a weird problem, not sure if it’s GSE related or not.
I recently started playing my Priest again, which is 96 at the moment, but sometimes all skills just stop working. Not only with GSE Macros but completely. I have to relog to get everything working again.
Could this be a protection from WoW or something? I had my Macros set at 35 ms at the moment, just changed them too 100 to see if the problem is gone now.
Anyone here had the same problem? Just happend in a Group/Boss fight, which was not good… :confused:

might be that the necklace activation in said macro is locking up the macro. turn off (uncheck) the necklace in the macro. if that is not it. i’m not sure what could be causing the issue.

@Siodar is correct if his suggestion doesn’t work go into the macro and remove /cast Heart Essence that should fix it

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Hey! Could the Heart Essence lock up all skills? It’s not just the Macros, but all skills stop working. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

yes the Heart Essence does do it (I myself had the issue on a toon that I was leveling because I forgot to remove it)

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