Cant load any Macros

Been using GS enhanced for a while and while editing the mage.lua in mymacro folder i got a error about not able to save in unicode? afdter that i could not load any of my custom macros

In hope to rectify the issue i uninstalled GS and removed the mymacro folder
and reinstalled them

Now when i put in /gs it opens up my macro window but no macros work and nothing is listed in the chat window for my class

If i log into a DH i do see the standard macros when i type /gs
Go back to my mage and type /gs and get no macros?


Figured it out it was a invalid macro in my mage.lua

dont understand why it knocked out the whole thing?

It knocked out the whole thing as WOW loads in all the .lua files in your mod and compiles them into one set of binary code. If the compile fails it stops the execution where it was up to in the compile. As the load order of myMacros is alphabetical DemonHunter.lua is loaded before Mage.lua. This is defined in the GS-myMacros.toc at the root level.