Can't seem to generate the DPS others get

(Copying from my Discord post - hopefully someone can help!)
Hey - total novice here - user not creator. I was wondering if someone can help with why certain macros don’t seem to do the damage that other people say they do.
I have been looking at Guardian macros - and in most of the posts people talk about changing the MS settings. Now I just use generic hardware - so not sure I can change anything there, but in the GS addon, I can set up the MS differently.

But - trying 50/65/100 ms and testing the macros, I can never get higher than 1.2k dps with 100, and at the low end looking at 800dps. (anything higher than 100 doesn’t seem to affect the DPS at all). (single target).

This seems massively lower that what other people are getting.

Can anyone help me set up the addon properly, or point me to an FAQ that would help please? I will happily try out all and any advice.

DPS is gear relevant

The addon will only help with the rotation of spells and abilities

Also I think the MS rate in the addon is just you telling it how fast your hitting the button, not actually how fast the button is being pressed


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Thanks Tony

My gear is at 221, so not low. It’s just odd that it’s levelling at such a low number. I would have expected 2k minimum (which is lower than doing it manually of course).

How does one get 221 ilvl gear without knowing how to play their class? Perhaps you are pretty good playing manually which will always be better than a macro, as I’m sure you know. I use lots of macros here and I always tweak them to fit my playstyle - maybe remove or add a command here, add another line here, etc. As Tony said above DPS is gear relevant and keep in mind that high ilvl gear doesn’t always equate to good dps gear. I’ve been using this site for several years and I’ve learned that you have to do a lot of target dummy research with macros. I’ll make a change and attack the dummies, see how it works. In conclusion, there is no one answer to your question and it’s likely something you’ll have to figure out on your own. Most here will be happy to help you along the way but understand you’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting! Good luck!


No that’s not my issue.
It’s that I don’t know how to tweak one button macros here.
So for example there are a couple of bear macros that have all the important spells integrated. Now I’ve seen others use these in videos where their dps (using just that macro) is substantially higher than the 1k I’m getting.

Now if I play manual I’d expect to be higher. That’s not the issue.

I’m wondering why someone with say 210 gear is generating double the dps I do when using the same macros.

So I’m guessing I’ve got something set up wrong.

When you say target dummy research, what can you do with one button macros aside from just use them and see what comes up? Maybe you mean tweak the macro? If so, that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out, because I can’t see from current replies to threads if they’ve done anything aside from change the MS. (but then they talk about logitech gear etc, and I’ve just got generic unbranded stuff).

I’ve got bad arthritis in my wrist so am finding ways to reduce the stress on it.

Thanks for replying and advising!

Could be a number of factors. Are you using AHK for key presses?

I think it was you I saw posting on the Guardian Druid macros.
If that’s the spec you’re having problems with, it might be that the macros have built in stuff like ironfur and other defensives.
So keep that in mind when simming against a dummy because that’ll definitely have an effect.

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Not that I can see.
I do wonder what dps is standard for some of those macros at a given ilvl. Possibly the dps output is actually just very low.

Maybe their Ilvl is less, but they have BIS gear over just whatever drops

Yes i do mean tweaking the macro as in going into the edit function and adding or subtracting lines or adding a spell here or taking away there. The way I usually do it is I run a few tests on dummies or look at my logs from a raid or whatever and see what I’m lacking - maybe an ability isn’t going off as much as it should or whatever. Then I’ll make a change to the macro and then test it again, see how that affects the performance. I do this several times until I can find the sweetest spots that work for me. It’s very tedious and time consuming but I enjoy doing it.

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That I can do! Thanks for the advice

AHK simply just automates the button pressing process while just holding down the button the macro is on on a MS timer. Might be why your dps output is lower as you do not use it as a lot of macros are designed with AHK in mind. Also, a lot of macros are not one size fits all.

My suggestion is to invest, if you can, in either a programmable mouse or keyboard. Or use AHK.

Or stop stressing about DPS and enjoy the game, no offence intended. I have stopped obsessing about DPS a while ago when i started using these macros, since i have no time to “adjust” them like others do. I just try to find the best one for me, and go with it.

But again my raiding days are over, and im now just playing casual.

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That makes sense. How do you set up AHK? is that an option in the addon? I’m be able to check later today!

Thanks for the reply. It’s less “stressing” about it, and more wondering where I’m going wrong.
If two people with similar gear, ilvl, stats are very different dps it makes me question if I’m using the addon correctly.
I’m going to look at AHK. Just need to find how to ‘turn it on’ and see if the macro is using it.

it is its own program. google search should bring up what it does better then i can explain it. most macro threads will also have their own ahk script that they use.

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