Casual Hunter Youta :)

Great work. Purple logs. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

is there any way to include bloodshed in the raid ST macro so that deathchakram and bloodshed are active at the same time? Currently bloodshed is not used in the macro.

But otherwise a fantastic macro. good work!

Thank you for your words.

Unfortunately I can’t manage that at the moment.

Hi love your Makro. Do you have any Updates? Greetz from germany :wink:

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aktuell würde ich nur in #AOE_M+ Skillung ein paar Talente ändern (siehe Bild).
Sonst fällt mir gerade nichts auf. Ich bin aktuell bis zum Addon in Pause, deswegen kann ich es nicht genauer sagen. Aber ich sehe hier sind auch andere Hunter fleißig am Werk.

currently I would only change a few talents in #AOE_M+ skilling (see picture).
Nothing else stands out to me right now. I’m currently on a break until the addon, so I can’t say more precisely. But I can see that other hunters are also hard at work here.