[Cata Classic] Arms Spec *05/17/2024*

Hey all,
I noticed there aren’t any warrior macros around right now. So, I thought I’d give it a shot and start one myself. My warrior’s only in the 20s, so I’m working with limited options at the moment. But hey, maybe this can be a helpful kickstart for someone else looking to create their own macros or edit this one to their liking. I will update this macro as I get higher into levels.

I’ve tested it in random dungeons works smoothly, I don’t have rend in the macro because that’s kind of something you’d want to keep an eye on and use when needed.
I do use this charge macro for rend to be used right away.

#showtooltip Charge
/cast Charge
/cast Rend


Usage Information

I run the macro at 160ms.
Build and Glyph info:


good man making macros alot of people really need these to enjoy wow and not all no how to create. im not a tech head kephas on youtube does all in one macros simple ones and they are the best fun ive ever had in pvp with his ,i havnt heard from him in awhile and he explains them on youtube , so ty for making these macros trust me people appreciate them .i have a feeling you are NB from youtube would i be right or wrong person

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Heya Saltan,
You are welcome!

I used to use Thekephas’s macros all the time and I used to tweak his to my liking.
I just never really shared mine because there were so many, but lately, I haven’t seen any so I’m trying to help as much as I can.

I’m not from YouTube, I am nobody popular, I’m just crogin.

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perfect timing thank you for this, can i use this all the way to 80?

edit just re read again and saw your only in the 20s rn, no worries, thank you again

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Heya Soo,

Yeah, sorry, my warrior isn’t level 80 yet and since the Cata release is on the 20th it will probably take even longer for me to get to this macro since I main a paladin tank.

Feel free to add what is needed to the macro, from what I saw on rotations for Arms Warrior there isn’t much more needed (other than a few more abilities) but I can’t test it to be sure. I was hoping someone would be able to jump in and adjust this macro or make a macro and share it here. I just tried to get one started.