[Cata Classic] Unholy DK Lvl 81-85 **Updated 07/14/2024**

Hi all,
Here is my Unholy DK macro, I will keep working on this as needed to keep up the DPS performance.

Modded spells casts are:

  • Death and Decay (Will cast at your feet when you press ALT)
  • Outbreak and Pestilence (Will cast when you press CTRL, if you press and hold CTRL it will cast Outbreak followed by Pestilence)
  • Summon Gargoyle followed by Unholy Frenzy (Will cast when you press and hold SHIFT)
    (Note: If you do not have 60 Runic power or more only Unholy Frenzy will cast)

Macro updated: 07/14/2024: @ 4:22pm PST
I made some minor changes to the macro, I ran a few dungeons and did target dummy tests the macro seems to still be working properly.
I changed the way Outbreak will work with the modded key.
the modded key will do the following: Outbreak and Pestilence (Will cast when you press CTRL, if you press and hold CTRL it will cast Outbreak followed by Pestilence)

Macro updated: 06/07/2024: @ 7:40pm PST
I did a complete overhaul for the Unholy DK macro. I ran it multiple times on target dummies and it seems to be doing very well. Pestilence goes off right after the Plague strike hits. So Icy Touch, Plague Stike then Pestilence will cast first on your target and refresh that opener on a new target.

The macro does not control:
Icebound Fortitude
Dancing Rune Weapon
Vampiric Blood
Army of the Dead
Mind Freeze
Death Grip
Empower Rune Weapon
Chains of Ice
Dark Command
Death Pact
Anti-Magic Shell
These are all situational spells.


Usage Information

Cata classic Unholy DK.
I run at 250ms. (for safety)
Talents & Glyphs info:

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Hello, and thx, can you tell me exacly how to add this mods
I,m a noob and dont know how, thx

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Hello i like the macro but is there a reason you do not have Festering Strike included ?

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I’ve added the mod keys to the macro now, you don’t need to worry about it now. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I may have just missed it, it has been added, thank you for bringing it to my attention, please let me know how it runs.

Thank you for adding it so far it runs pretty good only thing i did was adding , Null after plague and icey so it won’t spam it but trying to toy with things to make Festering strike always refresh plagues in time is bit hard

Keep up the good work mate

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i,m haveing a small problem and idk if is my fault. In normal rotation death and decay is casted without pressing alt. I do something wrong or is supose to cast it in the rotation? And i more thing now i feel i run out much faster on runic power. Need to have some stats to run smoothly? Sory id those are noob questions. Sory can you make same modification here?>

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The rotation was updated today and it should be working again.

i like it really helpful ty for your time on this very very gratful not alot on here any more and im not good at making them iv tryed so ya ty

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crap im doing less damage tonight

mebe its my gear just seemed diff but ill keep testing

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Why do you have Rune Strike in this?

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I didn’t even notice, I revamped it with little sleep, it’s been removed.

I tested on target dummies, I was doing ok, I hope it works out for you.

you able to make a updated one for pvp?


i think pestilence should be on alt or control key because during boss fights the rune and time is wasted and during ad fights the ads seem to die before it even pops off or die shortly after. should be able to control when it happens i believe but other than that its a pretty decent macro!

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I was scrolling down the questions and didnt see anyone mention Outbreak? Any reason that isnt used on CD rather than IT + PS?

Hi Nova!,

Thank you for using the macro, and I do hope it is still working out for you.
I added a change to the way the modded Outbreak key can be used, when you now just press the key Outbreak will cast, however when you press and hold the key Outbreak will cast, and right after Pestilence will cast.

I hope this helps you out.

Heya Goodmann,

IT and PS are openers and will only cast on new targets, if you are DPSing a boss, use the modded Outbreak key to keep the IT and PS debuff active.

Heya Fallenjade,

I hardly PVP anymore.
This macro could probably work in PVP However, PVP is purely situational, and a few spells would need to be added/removed. Feel free to edit to make it work for you in PVP.

Bro can you tell me how to write a damage macro for this build Cataclysm Classic Talent Calculator so that it doesn’t use the Vicious Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty accessory? and can you use this addon to make a kick cast outside of tagret and mute?