Changing back to GSE2 system

is there a way to change back from GSE3 to GSE2? I don’t understand how to make even a simple macro of priority or just simple Sequence… everything is stuck and I just miss the old GSE2 :frowning:

you would have to remove and reinstall old version, i don’t recommend as it will longer be supported and functionality is hit and miss

However if you need help to understand the visual difference this will help


This is a huge help for me and I appreciate you showing us this - I was wondering how the old works with the new! Thanks again, John!

Agreed! Huge help. I am having an issue. When I go to add a Loop Block, the entire interface goes blank. I am not able to add anything after that. Thoughts?

I have learned how to use GSE3(most of it) but now this image really helped me! thank u! GSE3 is way better after you understand him.