Clarifications for macros

hello everyone, as you may have noticed I posted many macros for the new exp dragonflight, I hope you appreciate my work. I specify that all macros are subject to changes, updates and more because in the beta phase, talents, updates, etc., etc. are constantly changing. I also wanted to clarify that all macros are written taking an example from my PCs, so they could be good for some and bad for others. as said several times even in the topics concerning the classes, they are not identical for all. For example, I manually use various CDs without using mods and I run my macros set to tester for now at 50 ms but you can set how to do it. ok a greeting and thanks for your patience

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Hello there.

First, thank you for all your macros and 2nd yeah you right as said many times in the forum , a macro could work well for you, and very bad to others.

Thats why i always try to say feel free to tinker with them, so they can learn a bit how they “work” and adapt the to their needs