Click Macro

I am very interested in getting this to work - refer to this link for a full explanation.

And here is the wowwiki guide

Now I will use my warrior as example so main macro is this -

/castsequence [mod:ctrl]Battle Shout;[mod:alt]Wild Strike;reset=target Bloodthirst,Heroic Strike
/castsequence reset=target Raging Blow
/cast [combat]Berserker Rage
/cast Charge
/cast [combat] Bloodbath
/cast [combat] Recklessness
/cast [combat] !Skull Banner
/use [combat]13
/targetenemy [noexists][dead][noharm]
/startattack [exists,harm,nodead]
/click MultiBarRightButton1

Now if I put macro 2 in MultiBarRightButton1 nothing happens for that slot. However if I put Pummel there (no macro) it works every time pummel is off CD. If I put Raging Blow there it doesn’t work neither does Colossus Smash, Impending Victory or Dragon Roar. If I use the layout as per the web link above it will cast macro 1 and that’s all.

So to all the macro makers out there have a go and see if you guys can get this operational. Oh and an easy way to find out what bar/button you hover your mouse over just type into chat /framestack - this will show a box telling you any ui element.