Click/pause macro but with timeout modifiers?

Hello, I’ve learned that TimothyLuke are the man when it comes to understanding what can and can not be done. But I’m asking everyone, hoping for a good answer.

I got several macros that does the following:

Macro 1: Basic aoe Rotation
Macro 2. Basic st Rotation
Macro 3. off GCD spell (demon spikes) with a 8 seconds click timeout
Macro 4. Fury generators and Fel Devastation
Macro 5. Metamorphosis
Macro 6. Fiery Brand

What I do is that i call macro 3 from macro 1 and 2 so that i get one click on demon spikes every 8 seconds.

Improving from this I’d want to pause macro 3 for a longer duration while still using macro 1 or 2 from pressing either macro 4, 5 or 6.

Is this possible?