CODES Havoc Demon Hunter (PVP+RAID) [updated 01.16.23]

I’m happy my performance using this build in both, rbg, solo arena, and raids.

I was easily able to reach rival II with this setup
and my damage was competitive enough to be above average in heroic raid.
I haven’t done M+ content but you should easily be able to perform well based on gear and performance.

Take Mastery Gear/ enchants/ gems whenever available


My keybinds
2 = Fel Rush
3 = Vengeful Retreat
Q = Consume Magic
E = Distrupt
R = Imprison
Middle Mouse = Blur
Shift + m1 = Meta
Alt + m1 = Darkness
Mouse 1 = Basic Attack Macro
Mouse 2 = Hunt / Essence Break Combo

Basic Attack Macro -

  • Caution! - will cast eyebeam on cooldown

Hunt / Essence Break Combo

Press once to hunt, press again to essence break.
Will cast hunt first if it is off cooldown.
Feel free to use this to cast essence break while hunt is on cooldown.


your work is good as always love ur work.
Please can u make PVE macro for raid and dungeon.?

But bro in the first makro only have the aura and stealth, not the other attacks, and in the second macro u have the hunt and essence break and leaf etc etc why no put only in second macro the hunt and essence break and in first macro put all attacks?

Yes I will work on it, i’ve just been doing pvp lately, i’ll update this macro to include Raid Single Target, and Dungeon Multi Target macros in my next update.

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Do you have any update for pvp macro?

updated for better or for worse

Give my current update a go and let me know how it works for you in raids?

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i used it ,its can be improved the Old “Codes” will come back :slight_smile:

I agree this one is not good improving it more

Mouse 1 = Basic Attack Macro
Mouse 2 = Hunt / Esssence Break Combo Macro

Where is macros?

I think he forgot to add the second macro

My apologizes It was an oversight as I figured many people already have the hunt essence break macro, but have attached it now.

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Can you provide some tutorial on how u doing in pvp? Like a rotation or what you do first?

As a Demon Hunter player in World of Warcraft, you are using a macro that binds multiple abilities to one button press. The macro starts by using the basic attack on the target, and keeping on top of them by using Eye Beam. If a demon spawns, you collect the Demon Soul it drops upon death, and then activate Meta by holding shift. During this time, you use Fel Rush to move into the target and Vengeful Retreat to keep the Meta buff up. When the target’s health is low, you use a second button press (mouse button 2) to try and secure the kill by using Hunt and following up with Essence Break.
If the target is still alive, you repeat the process with the basic attack and occasionally use Imprison to CC the enemy healer, setting up for a kill while the healer is incapacitated and Hunt is off cooldown.
You also have Reign from Above as a defensive tool that can be used to secure a kill if the target runs while low on health, or if you find yourself in CC, like the warrior’s circle.

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Macro perform much worst after the update. I usually do like 2-3M dmg per match but now barely do 1-2M. Hope to have your update @codes, really love ur macro