Comparing setting speed on different programs razor/logitech

Anyone know the comparison for the ms setting between ahk razor and logitec. Think that chart would help alot of peoples confusions on what speed they need.

I didn’t know milliseconds and seconds were variable in interpretation or able to change subject to a software package. I though time and it’s measurements were a constant.

Seems on razor synapse and logitech software its not the same from what ive tested out on a few macros. 250ms on logitech is way different then 250 on a razor synapse ive seen

IF you want another meaningless rabbit hole to go after - knock yourself out.

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It’s not so different between most programs.
Logitech for 250ms = 250
Razer is 250ms = 0.250
Steelseries is 250ms = 250
AHK for 250ms is 250

1000 Logitech = 1.000 on Razer

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