Condemn V. execute in Shadowlands

I am working on setting up some fury warrior rotations using the different sequence numbers for the diff covenants.

Here is my current problem,

The Venthyr Covenant replaces warrior’s execute with Condemn

When working on the sequence i noticed that it does nothing for that /cast Condemn line, which is always priority for fury/arms.

I tested it further simply typing /cast condemn in game to see if it would do anything. nothing happened.

looks like the wow macro system is still only working with Execute, because “/cast execute” works when you manually type it into a macro or in game.

So i went back to gsse, typed in “/cast execute” into my sequence, clicked save. closed the sequence, ran the macro. Nothing.
Reopened the sequence, it changed execute to condemn again.

so i am stuck on how to incorporate execute/condemn into any warrior sequence for SL’s when the warrior is Venthyr

EDIT: digging around on the wow forums, this is an issue for other “spell replacements”, not sure what work around can be put into GSSE

And as I don’t have access to Beta only PTR, I can’t do anything till SL comes out.

Hi Timothy.
I watched the VOD of your master class yesterday, and it gave me i needed. i solved it by using /use execute, but it works now. So, as a result, a big thank you is in order.