Crashed on pull

So I was in a raid, and I crashed right as the countdown hit 0. Of course, I was one of the tanks so that screwed everyone over. I have no idea what actually caused it, but when I logged back in, GSE wouldn’t run my rotation at all. 4 alt-F4’s and restarts of the game client didn’t seem to do it. every time I hit the Macro it did nothing. Only after I had them replace me, and left the raid to try to figure it out did it start working again.

I’m not sure where to even begin with this, Is there a process I should follow to deal with it If it happens again?

Hello there @Alpha17x

Drop out of combat probably, so GSE can load properly


Why in the name of god would a combat-focused addon need you to drop out of combat to load, reload, or function correctly? Is that a Blizzard thing?

Because your macro isn’t a macro it’s a button that is programmed to execute your macro. That button cannot be configured in combat due to the way that Blizzard locks its environment to prevent botting.

Once combat starts your macro cannot be changed until you exit combat. This is to prevent macros from doing if x then type choices that Blizzard wants you the player to make not your macro or mods.

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