Creating First Macro


I legit just downloaded GSE like 3 hours ago. I thought it would be fairly easy to use but oh boy was I wrong. So my next step was to naturally look for advice and questions that have already been answered. I tried… but as I tell everyone in my guild. Me Orc Me Dum Dum. I started WoW about 23 days ago and have finally decided to get into optimizing my gameplay and getting more out of my character. I have really good gear according to my guildies but they tell me I still have a lot I need to learn because my DPS is falling behind lower geared people. So that’s what brought me to GSE.

I decided to create a macro for my Rogue which is my second character but I just don’t know how GSE and GCDs work together. I figured I’d make a simple macro by Cheap Shot > Ghostly Strike and then just spam Sinister Strike because things die way too fast for me to care even further atm.

My attempts have only gotten me so far as to the macro only using cheap shot. From my understanding, GSE works with GCDs? but I’m not sure exactly how. I read some guys that suggested using quotes so I tried that.
“/cast Cheap Shot”,
“/cast Ghostly Strike”
but I can’t get it to work and I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Considering I’m completely new to both WoW and using macros this obviously was going to be a task from the start but I’m hoping to get this down.

GSE sits in a sandbox when you enter combat and is blind to what is happening around it. It can’t see the GCD or combo points or procs or mob health. Each click of the macro will move to the next line irrespective of success or failure. This is both a limitation and one of its greatest strengths.

There is going to be a huge learning curve in front of you but I would suggest as a starting point importing both John Metz’ and Lutechi’s rogue macros (from the Rogue sections on the forum here) and play around with them, Lutechi’s are a generalist approach where John Metz is much more a specialist.

Both sets have different requirements but assume you are putting the macro on your toolbar and spamming it to proceed. This can be assisted with tools like Synapse or GHub or autohotkey.

Welcome to the group. gld to see a new creator join us here. Glad TimothyLuke got here, he the know it all for this stuff. lol jk Timothy. seriously he is the best to help.