Creating macro help issues asap please!

hi so i came here to post im not getting a responce on discord

okay so im a blood dk and im trying to create me 2 or 3 macros
well im working on one right now for my main abilitys
trying to keep runes built up and threat built
im not using an ms i just assigin it to my action bar and use keypad 1 or 2 or 3 etc

so i keep getting a red question mark on the action bar im not sure why
and i cant find whats causing it ?

what is it yall need so i can get this resolved please

I don’t even understand the question. I would perhaps suggest starting with the CK macros that have been built - get to understand how they work and then go forward.

If your getting a red ? After you start using a macro it means GSE doesn’t have a clue what your macro is trying to do.