Cryptic Brewmaster - DragonFlight

Hi All,

*****Update Macro - 5-1-23

Any feedback would be great.

I like to have a single setup for everything. I do want to get the most out of DPS/HPS but trying to get something that works well in all situations.

This is designed to run your basic rotation and use Celestial Brew on CD and 1 charge of Purifying Brew on CD by calling to a 2nd macro (P_BREW). You will need to manage/cast all your offensive CDs (ToD, WoO, White Tiger, Niuzao) and defensives CDs (Fort Brew, Dampen Harm, Diffuse Magic, Ring) as needed.

There is a second Macro that is called by the main macro to casts your Purifying Brew (P_BREW). This can be adjusted by changing the number of GCDs/clicks between casts.

For this setup to work you will need to import both macros below. I am running at about 100ms for this to run smoothly but I am playing with timing to see how it preforms.





This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.33.





This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.33.

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Ran a 21 Streets last night with this and timed it with no issues. DPS was about 12K and Healing around 7K. I bit clunky. I will be working on the next version this weekend.

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Update Macro - 11-22-22 - reworked and performing well.

CRYPTIC_BREW_V1.4 - this still uses the P_BREW macro

Hey mate, what’s the P_BREW Macro?
Thanks in advance.

That is a sub macro called by the main macro to cast Purifying Brew. I set it to be cast on a certain number of GCDs (you can adjust this up or down to your needs) so that it should cast on CD but still have one to use. I prefer to have Cel Brew and Purifying Brew cast on CD. Hope this helps.

This works really well - I used it on several runs today and it ran really nice and smooth. Thanks for the work!

Thanks for the feed back. Looking forward to the full DF dropping and running this to see how it does.

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I have run M0s with this macro and do 22k overall DPS. Can’t wait for M+ to drop and see how this performs.

Hi cryptic, how’s the performance on M+?

It has done pretty good. I haven’t had a lot of time to play so only ran up to an 11 key with it. Any feed back would be great. I am hoping to play a bit more in Jan. so I might have some newer versions out. Still trying to gear up and run some bigger keys. I am also exploring different builds.

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Updated macro in first post. 1-26-23

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As always thanks for the update and appreciate the time you put into this!

I imported the P_BREW macro too but for some reason it doesn’t fire, any ideas?

I would recommend checking this link first. This could be the keydown issue a lot are having. I am not that familiar but this seems to work for a lot.

By the way, is Darktide a reference to a PvP server for Asheron’s Call?

If you have any feed back it would be appreciated.

Just wondering how its preforming for others. I ran it through Normal and Heroic raid and it did pretty well. M+ it seemed to do well. On a 16 I did over 30K DPS and 20K HPS.

16 AA

This is last boss DPS, overall DPS and overall HPS.

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Are you still using this macro to your BRM? I am just wondering how’s it going?

Yes, this is still my daily driver. I have done a lot of M+ and currently 7/8 H in raid. My DPS averages about 35K in M+ but is a lack luster in raid at around 20-25K. I really haven’t had the time to work on this but any feed back would be great. It seems to not cast Keg Smash or Blackout Kick enough.

Are talents up to date? wont let me ctrl+C ctrl+V import.