Crypts F is for FIGHT

hey @Crypt may i have a screenshot of the “repeat time” value of your macro? It is possivble that i messed up due to this value, i do not remember i’ve changed it, but i wanna check.
Thanks in advance.

hi IS THERE an updated for the patch? @Crypt ever since patch talent string doesnt work


it tells me loadout you are trying to import is out of date :frowning: can you fix it mate :slight_smile:

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Using this, it’s awesome!

Yeah i had my druid on the shelf for awhile but this profile and Viktri’s guardian profile made me love druids again.

Thank you, Crypt. I appreciate that you made this macro dummy-proof for us old guys that just enjoy playing the game. Well done, sir.

is this the update or use from main post and is this macro viable for 10.1 ?

Missing you Crypt! :flushed:

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please crypt i need u update <3

Tell us what exactly needs to be updated?

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I’m still using it works fine all I did was change some talents

Could you please post your talent


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I used crypts macro to make a single target one for when I do 2v2 last season just changed that for this one If you wanna try it out


so your macro works great except for the fact that in fights that last longer than 2 minutes it does nothing more.
so all short fights up to 2 min ca everything great but from 2 min fights ( boss fights especially ) the macro hangs up. Can you fix this somehow ?
otherwise super job thank you very much

Just have trash on your bars and if it hangs up press that

sry but i don’t understand trash ?? i don’t have any trash except on my desktop ^^

the skill is called thrash…

My bad was auto correct on my phone haha