Crypts F is for FIGHT

@Crypt you ever had a go and making an ass rogue macro ? Got my feral and mistwever maxed out looking for somthing else to try now and can’t decide on what to play

Lol I was actually looking at mine after my last reply, ye I leveled a Rogue. I haven’t mastered the macro but I think I will share it today so others can work on it, Rogue still seems to be the one class I always end up leveling but then not liking too much.

I was trying some different funky things with that macro, might inspire someone to take it and create a masterpiece.

Yeah mannn post it mines only 65 but I’ll get it levelled and have a play about with it don’t know rogue like I do Druid but hopfuly a few people can have there input and we can get somthing good going

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Posted it now a sec ago, check it out, mainly it’s the structure of using separate macros with click pauses to time certain abilities, I think I did this in my last modification to my feral macro after leveling the Rogue with Regrowth, I took it out and made it fire off less frequently than it does if it’s in the main macro, I’ll have to log onto my druid and check if I kept it that way.

You thought of making a discord for all your macros sure there’s plenty of people that would find that useful and people can have a mess about with them and put them on there for others to try see they can improve on it

so this is crypts macro changed for single target what i use for 2s mainly but sure it would work for raid as well keeps all bleeds up nicely and focus on bites it still uses crypts extras think i added swarm back into the extras coz i use that in his cleave build and this single target now but have a play around and change it to how suits you @Crypt give it ago bro let me know what you think




:slight_smile: Feral.pumps Tanks a lot.:slight_smile: It works perfect.:slight_smile:

Your Welcome mate crypts did all the hard work I just tweaked it for single target


Hey Crypt,

Your macro at the top of this thread is still the best for me overall. I just mostly quest, open world and pvp so the cleave is great. I think the adaptive swarm build might be a little better than the standard 2 version. I really don’t know GSE, but I added a block in the Extra macro. It fires, but sometimes delays 10 seconds or so.

Is there a certain place I should put it in Extra macro? FYI, someone showed an example in the thread, but my Extra only had 1 version.

Thanks again for all your help, couldn’t play my Druid without your Macro.

EDIT - Played around with it and got it figured out. Added a block in extra before Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane and seems to work great.


howdy, ye just play around with the order in the Extras macro, depending where it is in there it tends to fire off differently, things like how fast your ms click and your character stats will affect some of these abilities as well. Just keep an eye on your other abilities as well to make sure they fire off immediately, generally I find position 2 to be the most unpredictable in the Extras macros, some abilities work fine there, others are more random.

just a thought, how fast to spam buttons

Hey All,
just wondering if someone could help me out with a simple all in one bear macro for feral spec pvp with Strength of the Wild.

One that would cast Brutal Slash, Mangle, Thrash, Strength of the Wild and iron fur appropriatly when available.

One that would cast Adaptive swarm on myself when off cooldown and one that would use defensive cooldowns automatically aswell.

Any help would be appreciated.


You could Probz just take any of the other bear macros that are out there and just delete the spells that you don’t want worth a try bro

I was using this macro and @Feral.pumps variant too, worked like a charm, suddenly has stopped working as before, in particular it freezes at max combo points, non spending abilities to consume, i rly dunno why…i imported a weakaura but i do not think it can mess things up in this way…
Any suggestions?

did u change any talents? like in particular from single target to cleave or vice versa?

sounds like you have a finisher not firing off

Yeah, at some time i did not know what to do anymore and i started to try some specs trying to include talents in the macro…i reach a compromise using the extra macro with adaptive swarm added…i reduced the number of times it completely stops, but sometimes it happens anyway…
but i read almost everywhere that a lot of feral macros show this “problem” due to the complexity of the rotation and is poor adaptability to gse…now i am using your macro for st, a copy of your macro (modded by @Feral.pumps iirc) for aoe and, as i said before, the extra macro with adaptive swarm added.
But i cannot give a real feedback, i am still low ilvl but i feel it is a mess! If you do some changes feel free to use me as tester :slight_smile:

I’ve tested the macro a lot and tried some changes so wanted to comment.

As Crypt said, most likely issue are talents that don’t line up correctly, or changes you’ve made to the macro. While I’ve had this macro rarely hang up on me (easily fixed by using a single combo point attack ability) the issues you are describing are on your end I believe. Might just want to delete and reimport the standard version.

A couple of GSE/other Addon issues I had were related to the keyup/keydown settings which are documented in a general GSE thread. When this happens though, GSE macros do not fire off at all. It’s not a hanging issue. The addons that caused this for me were Tukui and Elvui.

The other odd problem I have with the adaptive swarm version is that unless I swap talents and then back on fresh logon, adaptive swarm does not fire. It’s like GSE is pointing back to an old version of the macro until I reload. But again, this isn’t a macro issue.

Hope that helps and good luck as this macro really does a great job!

Hello! I had tried the original macros, for M+ and it was great. when I use this one, the AOE DPS is fine but the single target hangs at about 50K.

I do not use any software, I am a clicker. through and through.

is there anyone that could help me out with some macros for keys? I tried the others listed and same thing, the AOE goes alright but the ST on bosses just hangs out at 50K.

sim says I should be at 68-70K.

I prefer a ST and AOE with no mods as I have had surgery to my hand and atm can only play one handed. if anyone could help, that’d be great.

I would appreciate it alot. if not, thank you for reading this.

I am 417 ilvl, main as a PVE Bear. and just swapped to feral for keys because my friend wanted to try tanking.