CTRL modifer issue

I was hoping someone could help in that when I press the Ctrl key as a modifier it just stops cycling through the macro. The button continues to cycle through when I use Shift/Alt but Ctrl just stops on whatever icon is cast next and when I release the button it just continues on. I have used the clear keybindings in options and made sure that Ctrl has no bindings as at all.
Im using a logitech G910 and exiting the Logitech app makes no difference. Razer mouse has no Ctrl linked to it either.
Any help/advice on fixing this would be much appreciated.

Unbind your CTRL keys in WoW’s Keybindings. CTRL +1-10 are by default bound to the pet bar.

thanks for the reply, tried that and unfortunately it did not work - I did some playing around and rebound all my number keys to Num keys on the Razer Naga and Ctrl started working but Shift then did the same as the Ctrl in not working. I have since switch them back to normal numbers and Shift is working again but Ctrl is not. I will keep digging but atm I can’t see how to solve this.