Cyms Demonology in 8.x

This is a modified re-post of my old 7.x macro.
This is currently what i am using to both level and run in dungeons, but i do talent change to suit as well.
Talent choices are noted in the macro help file.

Not much i can really add this this. It’s mostly an all in one for talent choices but there are mods in involved. There is also the weird misconception that you save Hand of Gul’dan for 3 shards and not sure where that comes from. You want to use it as a DPS option, it’s great AoE damage too and should be allowed to run in the macro to build up your imps so you can bring out the Tyrant. Also gives you enough imps to implode if needed (never used it yet and my damage is insane in Dungeons).

Now there is a small snag to this macro in that it might lock up. The scenario for this happening is if in combat and the macro was not already running and your pet is dead. That’s because i have left Summon Pet in the keypress. If your pet died and you have no shards available, just quickly do 1 Shadow Bolt and re-summon it; I am not going to change this behaviour as i am used to it now. If your pet dies you may also see red spam saying you cannot do this while dead… it’s because your pet is dead. See the above.

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Dungeons: 2,1,1,3,1,3,1
Questing: 2,1,1,2,1,1,1

This is more an all in one for the time being, it will use Soul Strike and Power Syphon should you choose to talent into them for questing.

I also run this between 100 - 150ms

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.06.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Summon Wrathguard, Implosion, Summon Demonic Tyrant, Demonbolt

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Demonic Strength, Grimoire: Felguard, Hand of Gul’dan, Summon Vilefiend, Call Dreadstalkers

Mod:Shift = Demonbolt (Should also be cast on pull timer)
Mod:Ctrl = Summon Demonic Tyrant (i use on 5+ imps, it’s also NOT empowered by the amount of imps as have not chosen that talent so my 5+ is personal pref)
Mod:Alt = Implosion for the sweet AoE damage

Mods can be altered to your liking.

damn, this has me just around what i am simming at when i dont need to deal with mechanics. i been trying to mess around with the sweet spot for the 100-150 ms. iv noticed if i go above 130sh ms im sb-hog’ing too much to get off the dreadstalkers or vilefiends… and if im around 125s the hogs arnt getting off quick enough.

i deleted one of the lines for shadowbolts and added some mods just incase a situation like this occurs. my question is am i able to put " ,null " command after the vilefiends and dreadstalker lines to force them to work? i miss being able to add the " ! " in the code to force the abilities to go off

No you wouldn’t be able to influence the macro like that unfortunately as they are casts and not castsequences. The only way around that would be to change spam times to catch them in time or to move them around the macro until it mostly works for you or you could add another of the summons lines in to see if that helps.

Really enjoing this! Thanx!


not sure what the issue is with this but the main rotation is only casting Hand of G and Shadowbolt. Nothing else. the mods work fine.

Hey Cym :smiley:

I just noticed after importing that instead of Shadow Bolt, you put Incinerate :wink:
I’ve adjusted this and works like a charm :slight_smile:


[quote quote=65552]Hey Cym ?
I just noticed after importing that instead of Shadow Bolt, you put Incinerate ? I’ve adjusted this and works like a charm ?

If you imported while in destro spec, GSE will change some spells.

Also, just an observation, Summon Vilefiend doesn’t cast often enough to me. Have I just not found the sweet spot yet in firing delay?

With the changes to Demo patched yesterday/today i will maybe look to change the macro.

I am kind of working on one which is priority based but it’s not always doing what i want it to, it’s also, as you said trying to find the sweet speed slot too.

15: Demonic Strength (Demonology Warlock)30: Doom (Demonology Warlock)60: Summon Vilefiend (Demonology Warlock)90: Grimoire: Felguard (Demonology Warlock)100: Sacrificed Souls (Demonology Warlock)

i have found the sweet spot for Doom so it doesn’t overlap too much and ends up being the only thing constantly cast. It will cast at the start of the macro, then once more a few seconds in and then again at around 5s to go… nature of loops limits as it’s in the keypress option as well as Loop and it works well for the most part

this won’t import

Are you sure you are importing this right? It works fine on my setup…just re imported it…