Cysta Tankadin

Ok, so I am releasing this also a couple days earlier than I had intended. As with anything in my macros you are welcome to take out. This is created to be a cover all type macro but it doesn’t handle defensives other than Shield of the Righteous. It does come within my margin for an acceptable output macro for protection paladin and was tested at 50-60 ms. You are welcome to test any speed you would prefer. Let us know your output from such ms changes. Anything abilities, from spec changes, that replaces an ability, the macro should update just as well for those abilities. The only difference is Arcane Torrent and Seraphim. I tested this on my 1,2,3,3,2,2,1 build which is a highly defensive build. I set this macro to pull with a Judgment. You will not cast another consecration unless you target something else or combat ends which will reset the castsequence. I had to do this or it just simply wasted GCD on casting consecrate which resulted in a DPS loss. Consecration needs to be maintained during a fight. However, you don’t need to over lap them every 4 seconds as the CD is. So, if you are on a single mob, press F1 and target yourself and then the macro should re-choose the closest target. If you are not content with that you could mouse target/click manually. The issue of faster consecrates only becomes a bit of an issue when you are handling multiple targets and either swap to another target or the mob simply dies too quickly. Alternatively, you can remove the reset target function as it also uses alt as a modifier. I use modifiers for my keybinds so, I prefer the target method. If you are like I am the macro hangs while you hold the modifier so no point in using it. There also is no clear need to remove it from the generic.

CYS-TANKADIN (50-60ms):


Working great. Been using it for 10-13 keys on my lower geared Pally.

Any news on the Ret and UH-DK macros?

@nathan - you want consecration down as much as you can since threat for tanks have been changed and nerfed. you really want too keep throwing out those AoE abilities as much as you can. some tanks are not effected by this since most of their attack are AoE. my Demon Hunter has no problem since they are a AoE whore.

PS: “Tanks may have problems holding aggro on secondary mobs when only using passive AoE and may need to make good use of Taunts and target swaps to keep secondary mobs off their allies”.

I believe his point was that you don’t need to refresh Consecration every 4 seconds when the duration itself is 12 seconds. On a multi-mob fight, selecting a new target will throw down a new Consecration, but on a boss fight that’s single target only, you need to either select yourself for an instant or use a mod key.

Whats the reason for the null at the end and making it a tasksequence instead of just a /cast with consecrate?

/castsequence [combat] reset=alt/target/combat Consecration, null

He answers that clearly in his post and I clarified in mine: it’s to prevent Consecrate from overlapping. The ability CD is four seconds; the duration is 12. Therefore, he’s advocating not to refresh Consecrate every four seconds when the extra eight or so seconds could be used for other abilities.

you guys having fun? i mean if i had to tell someone off in a polite way i would continue the conversation as well even tho the horse is long been dead.

I can kinda understand your reasoning behind your attempt at being snarky and passive-aggressive in your reply above, but if you or Chris had actually read Nathan’s reasoning in his own macro post, my repeated explanations wouldn’t have been necessary.

If you read my question I was wanting to know what the null does, I understand the concept of not wanting consecrate to overlap.

Chris B,

The null is used to stop the macro until it gets reset, in this case due to target or the entire macro being reset by combat.(or alt which like Nathan says is not an option for me due to keybinds)

It is commonly written this way because to just write it as a /cast as you were asking about means it would continually cast (per the 4 seconds THX and Nathan were trying to avoid)

I use the same thing in my macros for spells like “Flame Shock” (on Elemental Shaman). These spells want to be cast on each target, but typically have other refresh mechanisms, or require more specific input to not waste resources and cooldowns that could be used on other spells.

While spells like consecrate and flame shock can be one button macroed to fire all the time they are off cooldown, it would be bad programming to do so and stop those of us picky enough in our parses from ever getting close to full optimization in our macros. The null option gives us some flexibility in getting fairly one button, with the option to add a little more management to get closer to the maximized end goal.

Make sense?

I forgot to add:

Thank you Nathan, this looks great so far. I am switching back to Paladin now that I opened Dark Iron and have not played one since the old GSE.

If I make any personal adjustments, if you are amiable I will share in the spirit of us reaching as close to perfection as we can? Hopefully you have already reached it and I won’t have to do anything lol, you are one of the few people I have seen write on here that modifiers don’t work for due to the way we keybind like me.

Do you have a ret one as well?

Hi Geoffrey!

You are welcome to share any modifications in this thread as you wish. If it gets too confusing then I may have to have it split off eventually. However, I would like to refrain from that. I have been taking a break from the game and playing less so I haven’t spent time grinding out on the training dummies but I have a few different and new modifications. I have two fixes that change up a couple things and work to fix other issues that I was not happy with. I have an older ret macro on here that people still enjoy but I am fleshing out some new changes for that as well as a newer unholy DK macro and updates to my blood DK macro.

As soon as I am content with them I will post them. If you make some interesting changes, that I enjoy, don’t be surprised if they end up in the main macro build. I will let you know if that is the case and prolly, at that point, add credit to you in macro info.

Also, thanks for your explanation on why I used a castsequence with null instead of a normal cast. You are 100% right and I felt that adding a few options to the reset, to cast again, was better than adding multiple lines for the same ability. It just plainly makes sense and is also a net dps loss to cast every 4 seconds. In Legion and, even in BFA, it was/is more of a priority for tanks to output as much dps as possible in both a raid and mythic+ than it was in the past. It is even worse for BFA since so much is on the GCD now compared to Legion. That means if we use certain abilities we can be even doubly punished for it when unwarranted.

Was wondering if there was a way to be able to add the Heart of Azeroth enhancements in this macro.

It can be, I will look at it in a couple days from now and it should be a quick fix. I just moved from NY to NC and have been looking for work using my bachelor’s degree. Right now, I am responding to your message via my phone, in the hospital because my brother sawed his own finger trying to cut a tree down.

Tell him not to do that. I hear it hurts like hell.

Been using this and i love it. One question:

I keep getting that annoying error sound whenever this runs. Obviously something is firing that cannot be fired. I cannot disable that error sound and it’s driving me crazy…any advice and thank you!

There is a possibility, is the build the same that I use? If not, what is different? I have just been extremely busy with real life and haven’t even played wow much. If it is something I can quickly fix I will do so.

What abilities do I need to have the macro execute for the heart of azeroth? I haven’t played since forever because of real life.

i have the same doubt